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AI after The Clockwork Update and other Bugs (Xbox One)

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-Wellies, and very rarely wastrels, will sometimes not go to sleep between 11 pm and 7 am. They will either be stuck or continue to loop dialogue with the other people in the house

-Once in a while AI will be able to go through the textures of the walls making it somewhat difficult and frustrating to kill them

-Constables have significantly changed. It's very common to have a constable glitch out when giving them alcohol. One of three things will happen when giving a constable alcohol. One: They will act normally when given alcohol by having a drunk animation and roaming around. Two: They will enter the drunken animation briefly then spring back up, the constable will then drop one or two items. Three: The constable will never assume the drunken position but will start to slightly levitate without moving any of his limbs in a mobile direction. The can happen at the Moon Juice Leech encounter when giving the constable, who's examining the body, alcohol.

-Bathtubs commonly generate in an awkward position in the Wellies houses, the bathtub rotates and juts through the wall and the shower curtain, this results in certain AI getting stuck and most likely leads to the first problem listed above due to AI trying to start a conversation with each other when they be sleeping.

-Sometimes when using the map a black box with the title of an area will be stuck next to your pointer.

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