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Some gameplay and graphics bugs and maybe bugs (PC)

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I completed the game for the first time without cheating yesterday (thank you, Compulsion team, for fixing Faraday!), and here are the bugs I've encountered in my playthrough:


1) The most major one - after some point (can't remember when exactly. I think, it was after I entered Hamlyn) all the Uncle Jack shows and radio music stopped playing. All the other sound effects were there, but the TVs and radios were silent even though they were turned on. And it remained the same after I returned to the Garden District. No amount of reloading, re-entering the area or verifying the game cache helped. At one point I just sat the entire day next to a TV, thinking maybe I just kept missing the shows - nope, the TV screen remained blank, even though it was on.


2) There seems to be a problem with NPCs in sitting positions. Firstly, when I gave alcohol to a Bobby kneeling next to a dead Wellie in a "Moon Juice Leech" quest, he stood up to take it, (BTW, the animation on that moment was kind of jarring, but I suppose it's just an unfinished animation and not a bug) but instead of stumbling away, like he was supposed to, he slid away, still in crouching position. I'd catch him nyooming down the street during the next couple of days, but eventually he returned to his designated spot. Secondly, when I angered the Bobbies gathered around dead Downer (can't remember the name of the quest, sorry), the one, who was kneeling down, slid towards me for a bit, before glitching into a standing position. Thirdly, at one point during "It's a Terrible Life" quest I found George skulking in a corner:




He did stand up properly and return to his sit after I gave him a Proper Suit though.


3) Speaking of NPCs in weird positions, Wellies walking near cars would constantly float in the air:




And sometimes they'd play their standard animations, like jumping in a puddle, chatting etc. They didn't get stuck, eventually they returned to a normal ground level, and that looked like they were falling from something.


4) The camera occasionally acted strange during new fancy mini-cutscenes with black bars. In "Popped Popper" camera went behind the policeman for the entire dialogue. In the first encounter with one of Faraday's houseboys, instead of following the guy, camera went somewhere to the left, so it was sort of like I was looking at him from the corner of my eye. During the conclusion of "It's a Terrible Life", after George went banging on the door, the camera remained focused entirely on him, so the spanker zapping first him and then his wife remained out of shot.


5) Speaking of "It's a Terrible Life", aside from camera, there were two rather minor problems with that quest: first, the prompt "lay them to rest together" appeared and got immediately completed as I approached the bridge, even though both George and Mary were still alive at that point - so there's a continuity error. Second, after they got zapped, I couldn't find Mary's body anywhere, even though I searched the area quite thoroughly. I don't know, maybe it despawned due to aforementioned camera problems.


6) Prompts for quest-related items behave strangely sometimes: during "Treehouse" quest the prompt "make Suit of Blending" would get unchecked every time I put it into safe and get checked again after I put it back into my inventory. Also, when I was told to gather mechanical parts for Faraday, I ended up with 6 instead of 5 (found some extra ones along the way), but the quest would register as completed only after I divided the stack in my inventory into 5 and 1.


7) While hiding in a bin, you can see the top of the screen:




8) A frequent quirk of procedural generation: floating signs and flower boxes.






OK, now on to maybe bugs:


1) I think this thing had something to do with the aforementioned lack of Uncle Jack - the "Cult of Jack" quest went south in an unexpected way. Usually, when you power up the TV, all people gather around it and you're free to ransack through their belongings. But this time I fixed the telly like usual, people ran to it like usual (even though it was showing black screen), I went to one of their houses and was greeted by the angry mob that was supposed to be watching Uncle Jack. Presumably, at some point during those seconds it took me to make it to a house, the people got teleported back.


2) During "scavenge car parts for Faraday" quest, when I went for the first car, people got upset (I was wearing coveralls, and it was during the day). Second car - same story: coveralls, day, angry mob. I went for the third car at night, wearing suit of blending, but none of the Bobbies seemed to mind, even though I counted about 6 of them in the close vicinity of that car. I went for the fourth and fifth cars during the day and wearing coveralls again, but this time no one baited an eye. I was wondering if that's how it was supposed to play out.

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1-8: Already know bugs. The know issues post needs to be updated. Or at least I already knew them and there's at lack of communication between the team, some of those bugs were reported on other parts of this forum.


You can turn off the tvs and radios, and they will turn on (weird).

The maybe bugs aren't bugs.


1) The power cell has a very limited time of power once you put it in the tv, not enought to "clean" each house. I always put the power cell and then when they gather at front the of tv. I use some molotovs, bangers or any type of gas grenade with a gas mask and a weapon to finish them.


2)Coveralls are for "fixing traps", cars don't count as a trap. The suit of blending gives you a lot of steelth. If you combine it with a shrubbery hat you may be able to hit them at their backs and they won't notice you. Maybe with the fourth and fifth card they didn't see you, or that would be the bug here.

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So, I was completely useless. Huzzah!


The power cell has a very limited time of power once you put it in the tv, not enought to "clean" each house.

How "limited" are we talking here? Surely, more than a couple of seconds? Because I put in the power cell, people gather around the TV, I go into the first house, and people are already there. I didn't get the chance to sneakily take a single thing from them.


Coveralls are for "fixing traps", cars don't count as a trap.

I didn't think that coveralls would make me gathering parts seem less suspicious, I was just describing the circumstances. My issue is that using the same suit in the same surroundings yielded different results. Frankly, my initial guess is that the effect from suit of blending somehow "stuck" or something like that.

Maybe with the fourth and fifth car they didn't see you

There were a lot of people around, there was no way they shouldn't have noticed me.

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