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First Foray into Wellington Wells

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Thanks Compulsion! The wait for the key was definitely worth it. My first try at the game had a pretty consistent one of bad luck. There was nothing in the starting location and I spent the first five minutes running from house to house looking for anything I could use (some bits of metal made great lock picks and a single joy pill). When I tried to move to another section I took the pill to get the cops off my back then proceeded to OD trying to get through some maze. I didn't get too far from the safe house the next day and got killed by a group of wellies. It was some of the most fun I've had with a game in a while. The only bug that really caused me issue was there would be weird points when I seem to hit a wall and my character would have a hard time moving around. It was mainly on the lighted walkways in the nicer parts of town. All in all though great game. Can't wait to see 6.1.


PS: I love the way Uncle Jack is incorporated into the game through the radio and television sets. Definitely sets the mood when you're wandering about the town.

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