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34857 - Crash Hotfix is live!

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We just pushed out a hotfix that addresses some of the more glaring and frequently reported issues.


• Fix crash when consuming items while inventory is full.

• Fix crash when respawning a second time with permadeath off.

• Fix crash when accessing resolution list on certain multi-GPU configurations.

• Fix crash when starting game on certain Steam installations.

• Fix game mode information (Day & Time, Permadeath, Second Wind, Map status) getting reset on continue.

• Fix player getting stuck in conversation mode when loading if on the diary step of "If You Give a Pig a Pancake".

• Fix ghost not moving during "Walkabout".

• Improve pathfinding of hostile wastrels near "Where's the Power".

• Fix rare crash in video decoding.

• Fix rare crash when carrying corpses.

• Fix attempt for rare issue where terrain is invisible when continuing.

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Well, I got this updated yesterday. not today.


Anyway, when a load my save yesterday, I was naked, i mean my spiked suit vanished. I'm not sure if the hot fix had something to do with it.


The store don't sell more; They should resupply. Also if you sell them cheap items their inventories might get full, so you can't sell them objects anymore.

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@tec Yes for now, we are testing on PC to see that they work as indeed and then we will push the hotfix on Xbox (this week)

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