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Guest Aragon

small optimizations

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Guest Aragon

so just a few feedback.

1. in the inventory it would be nice that when I select weapon on the character page. to select the tab for weapons. (same with hat, body, shoes.)

2. a benefit for making items at a workbench compared to out in the field. example making healing balm requires two plants. (forgot there names. :P) But with the workbench requires one healing balm. or makes two for the price of one.

3. when knocking out someone from behind. if you hold the Y button (on xbox) you remain standing whilst carrying the body. making you detected instantly in most cases.

4. have one shovel weigh half. second shovel weighs regular.

5. a tutorial page for items and gameplay mechanics. that updates as they appear. (I still don't know how to get skill points. I think from quests. but I"m not sure :P)

6. hiding in cars is a little wonky. you try to get in. but it just gives the option to close trunk.

7. the not so jolly brolly. seems to have trouble with it's knockback. (RS stick-click.) it does the animation. but unless you are body to body. won't affect your enemy.

8. ability to craft more then one item at a time.

9. a slightly bigger courser. Full courser is still too small. (for me at least.)

10. sometimes when trying to non-lethally defeat an enemy he is dead from falling down. OR when reloading a save all enemies who were knocked out are now decease. (I.e. when you strangle them from behind.)

11. an blueprint ping item for sale. pings and pulse to closes blueprint. (I can't believe I missed the Caltrop recipe.)

12. all the player to ping items they need for a recipe. and to show up in a little box at the bottom left of the screen.

13. add a FOV option to console versions.

14. books to increase lockpick speed.

15. add uber-boss/super boss fights for masochistic players.

16 add gambling. (personally I like slot machines and an arena. that you can fight in or bet on a team.) or just a simple game of rock paper scissors etc etc.

17 allow fast back to last hideout./nearest unlocked hideout.

18 add item booster you can craft to increase luck/item find/shillings drops/enemy spawn rate/ enemy spawn type. etc etc.

19 add a comical super chicken bat. that when swung makes a chicken noise. and shoots out an egg when swung. that explodes in confetti. temporally stunning enemies. (for like .6 seconds.)

20. allow two weapons to be equipped. when you have you weapon selected (in your hands. out) hold (xbox one) RB+D-Pad to select one of two (or four) weapons. (personally I like to keep a stun weapon just in case. but it sucks in the middle of a fight when your weapon breaks.)

Well that's all I can think of right now. I really do enjoy this game. you guys did a great job. I pre-order the deluxe and I am so excited for the DLC. keep it up guys and gals. you are such a JOY to make this game. :3 :3 :3 )

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Hi there,


Thanks for your feedback. I've shared it with the rest of the development team. ?




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