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I did it!

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After 102 minutes I got to the exit.


The game is very good already and that was my first try. I made myself a worker outfit to pass the guards at the escape tunnel

I found the multi tool by the shop keeper, I also opened the room where food without joy should be but there was nothing yet:) Will come up soon I imagine.

I also hid under the bed till thw wellies are gone to sleep and took them down with the takedown.

Sneaking in a house is very funny sometimes. On my first try to get in the house I walked thru the alarm.



Some bugs I've seen are that sometimes when you walk down the street there is like an invisible wall and you need to go off the street to get past it.

Also these statues at the end with the lightning effects have much impact on the fps from 60 to 21 in a second.

One very funny thing I saw was a bobby vs. a wastrel and as the bobby hit the wastrel he flew a few metres thru the air.


That was my first try and my first day in Wellington Wells, hope you like it.

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I've been playing this game for months and I've barely gotten into Hamlyn.

you've proven just how bad I am. /wipes away a single tear

But seriously, wow, congratulations! I'm not certain how much the difficulty level's been dropped yet (better bridges help), but that's still an amazing feat for your first try.

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