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Report Bugs/Glitches P.4 (ACT I / Hard)

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  • Platform: PC ? (Steam) v.1.3.70168
  • Mode: ACT I - Arthur / Hard Mode
  • Player: Italian (Early Access Native)
  • GameplayAI test, Combat system, stealth and survival at the highest levels


There have been serious flaws in the treatment of the difficult mode (not very different from the normal mode) that have ruined the gaming experience. Frankly, I found it more rewarding in the "Vigilante" mode of the EA.

  • The needs of sleep, thirst and hunger are only seen when they are at 0%, no warning if they reach 20%
  • Eating a potato or a pie makes no difference: we will always be 100% satisfied in a moment, making survival at the garden district superfluous with spoiled food or vomiting tea. In fact, the few rare good resources that we will find will be enough to give us time to reach the Village and its good food.
  • The same applies to the thirst, which has bypassed the need to conquer the fountains at the garden district or having to filter the water with Joy taken from the taps.
  • Sleep behaves exactly like Birdwatching: just a cup of tea (which also quenches your thirst) or a single hour of sleep to stay awake anyway.
  • the malus proposed for thirst, hunger and sleep are not transitory or in line with the percentage of need, which instead happened in the EA in the stamina depending on how much sleep the protagonist required.
  • fast travels always require 1 hour of travel, and this is rather annoying in terms of realism. If a time-meter system to be implemented was implemented, it would already be more coherent.
  • it is unnatural to be able to use all the doors with the simple selection on the map. it could be fine for the easy and normal modes, but for the difficult mode it is necessary to restore the need to physically reach the nearest door to teleport, just as it happened in EA, in order to really perceive the difficulty of going from an island to the other.
  • Dying (unless permadeath is activated) does not imply any real defect: there are no loss of resources or handicaps, it guarantees us a reset of what we were going to do in an area. On the contrary, it would be consistent if resources are lost in the inventory and in the pneumatic safe at every death (not permadeath).
  • The spankers on the street that identify the downers are not a real threat, nor why you should fear them passing in front. nobody understands the alarm of the car. this is another reason that encourages us not to take joy. It would be advisable that when the machine is operated, the citizens around it start at least to have suspicions towards us. I did not have many reasons to take the joy, all things considered, except rare exceptional (to access a mandatory area) or accidental (surprise gas)

I hope to take measures as soon as possible for this mode, which at present I feel like I have to reject. the only elements consistent with the difficult way were the amount of damage from the NPCs and the care provided by the various medical products.


Reviewing the story of Arthur, there is a rather unclear direction on some points:

  • The Faraday house in Act 1 was officially moved to Lud's Holm. However, in the chapters of Sally and Ollie the house is located in Maidenholm, and the thing disorients not a little in terms of directing. The epilogue fully confirms that all three acts are the same story on 3 different points of view. We can overlook the fact that the city is different between one act and another, but not much on this particular. You could create a house for Faraday in Maiden Holm that also forced Sally and Ollie to join her in the Garden District.
  • It is quite appropriate that every protagonist has his vision of the facts, what he hears and what he perceives. The thing is very successful with Ollie who is distracted when talking with his Margaret, making cuts of dialogue justifiable. The same can not be said, however, regarding Sally-Arthur. it is almost understandable that for reasons of gameplay it was necessary to choose specific places for Arthur and Sally, but it was somewhat disorienting. a note more out of tune is not the way you leave the first time, but as is the case with Sally's confession. it is perhaps the most important element that was not ignored. The director could be remedied in this way:
  1. Act I (garden district): Sally yells something to Arthur while he is leaving ("I have a child"), but he does not hear her because of a madman running in the street screaming and covering Sally's words.
  2. Act II (Sally's house): Sally confesses to having a baby, but at that moment the laboratory alarm sounds for an emergency (a chemical reaction going on?). the alarm covers Sally's voice in the ears of Arthur, and she has doubts whether he has left her listening to his confession or not.

I do not know if you have the means to change this basic structure of the game, but I think it is important not to disorient the player in following the story without making the "parallel universes" individual acts.

  • I do not know if you have the means to change this basic structure of the game, but I think it is important not to disorient the player in following the story without making the "parallel universes" individual acts.
  • A rather annoying fact is that the various letters that can be found in the islands are all the same between one act and another. It would be interesting if they change the content, thus allowing the scriptwriters to broaden their vision, their stories in Wellington Wells as they prefer, perhaps even drafts of letters previously discarded.
  • Finally, many players have several questions: what happened to Miss Byng, Verloc and Jack Worthing? Why did the Germans want the children? Why do not cars have wheels? Who was the policeman of Act I who torments Arthur's past? it's different from others. I hope that in the next DLC there will be explanations to these things.


  • Hive mind: impossible to recover honey
  • Mysterious Chest: the chest of witches is not very incisive. maybe you can make offers, exchanges.
  • What we buried: boring. It was better what was in the EA with the downer looking for the chest without remembering it well. it also makes little sense to make this mission available for all three acts.
  • Holy yam does not give any real benefit. or rather, it is not declared anywhere. besides the celebrants do not look for any guilty once they have regained their senses.
  • leech of lunar juice: why does the mission fail if we have already listened to the bobbies? Even if they find us rummaging through the body or killing them, the mission will be marked as failed.
  • At the Mysterious house, there are no clues that indicate that I must play the piano to open the bookstores and take the Sanitol.
  • In the house of the colonel's friend, strangers always enter without permission.
  • it makes no sense to put the Reform Club sheet and the suit in Gemma's house if we have already done that mission in history. In the EA, being a "house of curious behavior" a secondary mission, one could very well get an invitation and a suit at Gemma's house and then use them in the private club;)
  • in the Gemma office, there's a tape recorder. why not put an audio? it would have been interesting to have a gem-like note.



  • The latest video of Uncle Jack and The video of Uncle Jack in the house of the future (1984) do not appear in the Teatrhe menu
  • Replaying the act I realized that there is no fundamental element to the randomness of the procedural world: there are the same missions! In the EA the great thing about exploring the maps was to find always different missions. I miss the variety of different missions in the final game, especially those related to bridges, which required different requirements to overcome them. I hope it is intended for sandbox mode.
  • there are no differences between a dead and a fainted character, which is very serious for those who want a soft application in the game.
  • the gas mask consumes too slowly
  • The citizens of the garden district and the parade do not do anything special if they do not walk. I saw more street activities in the village.
  • To enter Hamlyn for the first time: what's the point of the quiz? whatever way you answer, you can always log in. make power ups or serious debuffs: depending on how many mistakes the shock has been made, if you are wrong, you are killed. moreover, personal objects can not be recovered, there is simply a deposit of the objects already present in the safe.
  • Inside the jubiliator there is no difference for what you do, it is noiso and you wait by pressing random buttons, for no reason. it would be appropriate if you create obstacles in which the Jubiliator does something (suck up grazers who occupy the rails, climbs that require a spin or doors that can only be opened with the horn)
  • It makes no sense for Arthur to have the garden district alarm traps if the tool to remove them will only have it in the Parade (practically at the end of Act I)
  • Among the images of development there was the burning pan, but I have not seen it among the possible crafting elements so far.
  • It would be appropriate in the diary to divide the personal notes of the main story (they describe the feelings of the protagonists) from those of the documents found on the street.
  • Ethyl alcohol has too few uses in the game at present but it is too much in the garden district
  • it is almost useless to consider damaged objects useful for crafting.
  • it is absurd not to be able to damage the peepers with darts: they are balloons at the back.
  • In the village should be forbidden to rummage in garbage bins, is tantamount to stealing.
  • Madame Wanda is not as red as EA, it was a very important trait to make her unique in the game.


  • the clothes are eternal, once they are obtained they make superfluous the necessary elements to sew them. However it would be interesting if all the clothes have a consumption bar that causes damage to the clothes when you are hit or when you climb / land too many times, thus getting rags. Furthermore, shoes wear very slowly and are not criticized for wearing them in the garden district.
  • The parade is very nice ... but also boring. There are no secondary missions within it, we do not know the inhabitants of the place and there are no pretexts to explore the high class lifestyle. Even the Chippy market is rather boring, merchants offer very little merchandise. Missions could also be implemented at the Memorial Victory
  • The secondary dens are all the same. they would instead be excellent places to create secondary guests.
  • Why is it not possible to handle the weapons of the doctors? they break unnaturally.
  • You could create something nice for Arthur's office by making it accessible: depending on how we handled the Clive editor, we could see if he was busy or fired.
  • the map seems overflowing when the counter icons are included. it would be sufficient to implement a pop-up window when pointing to the icon of the den or house, just as when the descriptions of the place appear.
  • the bonus Jolly Brolly from the beginning seems more a power up too convenient for the purchase. it would be interesting if in the Jolly Brolly bonus there is instead a mission that allows to conquer it;)
  • the protagonists do not know how to prepare tea or juice from the beginning, which would be very useful in the garden district gameplay if it were set well in the needs (see notes at the beginning of post) ...:
  1. tea: water, tea leaves, filter and teacup
  2. juice: 15 blue currants, empty pills jar.
  • it could be difficult to implement food perishability, a sort of countdown for it when we collect it. If it is not consumed in time it becomes rotten.
  • it would be interesting to return the machines of compliments, but they reveal our state (if we do not have Joy or sunshine) to the public or reveal our position to bobbies at night. Stealing the batteries or turning them off is tantamount to public transgression.


  • OK Act 1 Arthur - Normal mode (test of missions and setting) here
  • OK Act 2 Sally - Normal mode (test of missions and setting) here
  • OK Act 3 Ollie - Normal mode (test of missions and setting) here
  • OK Act 1 Arthur Hard mode (AI test, Combat system, stealth and survival at the highest levels)
  • NEXT STEP Act 2-3 Hard mode (AI test, Combat system, stealth and survival at the highest levels)
  • SOON Easy mode (Further notes on missions, texts and location)
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Hi Mefionir,


We've shared your latest feedback with the rest of the team and, as always, appreciate your attention to detail. ?

We look forward to reading about your experience with Acts 2 & 3 on Hard.




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