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Overdose suggestion?

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When doctors become a regularly occurring NPC in the game, will the player will be able to retrieve joy syringes from their corpses? and will they be able to use these syringes to make Wellies overdose?


I thought it could be interesting to create a contrast to the crash syringe. Like, you can create a distraction in the welly side of town with crash syringes by bringing someone off their joy, but with a joy syringe, you could make an NPC overdose and possibly could use this to put a wellie out cold for a lot longer than taking them down would, or similarly create a distraction by them having an erratic response to overdosing before they collapse, causing nearby NPCs to rush over and become distracted by the events.


And while a crash syringe causes the crashee to start crying, maybe the joy syringe could cause them to reach some kind of joy peak that sees them start to have fits of laughter before passing out, which would be pretty cool and kinda creepy


Once again this really is just a minor suggestion and stuff, I was just thinking about the kind of items you could retrieve from a doctor and i assumed a joy syringe would have to be one of them, so this was kinda just a suggestion about what that could be used for or something

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