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Bugs I have encountered (Xbox One)

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Note: Sorry if I repeat anything, ???= (I'm not sure if this was intended or is a glitch)

-Some objectives, even though completed, won't be check marked, this'll happen in missions like "Crazy Legs" and "Sweets"

-Very rarely, suspicion from Wellies will be inevitable

-If a NPC is woken up, they stand up in their bed, their feet will stick through the bed

-If your game crashes and your last save point was from scavenging a car, you could fall through the map and die, no matter how many times you restart the game (This happened to me in the "Blood in the Streets" area)

-Very rarely, the downer detector near the "Blood in the Streets" area will disappear, leaving an invisible doorway that's impossible to get through

-The quest "Mushroom Log" is glitched and won't let you pick up the stuff that is left behind

-"The Alter of the Yam" is by far the most broken quest, the quest can crash your game and ruin your save file (restarting the game won't stop the file from crashing). If the game crashes in the middle of the quest, NPC's will turn hostile when you load the game back up. Daytime can interrupt the quest and make the characters disappear. Even if you manage to get far enough, on some cases, you won't be able to pick up the book or the yam

-The NPC's in "Mystery House" (yea, yea, I know) are glitched. Sometimes you can perform a takedown on them and sometimes when you're crouched behind them, they'll spot you regardless

-When shopping for an item the price of certain items will disappear and reappear uncontrollably (# of sovereigns -/+ price of item)

-In certain shops, the red Bobby and store clerk won't react when you attack the red Bobby

-??? The quest "Cult of Jack" can be completed without having to get a power cell, (simply by killing the wastrels and opening the chests)

-Tracking objectives are still a hassle

-In the quest "Biological Hazard", on certain occasions, you won't be able to give the man a Neximide Pill

-Sometimes, the traps in Faraday's workshop will lose their doors, this makes it impossible to disarm the traps or reverse their polarity

-??? Filling up buckets with Moteline; while wearing a worker's outfit; will still increase suspicion

-Subtitles have multiple typos and don't correlate with dialogue

-If a person's dialogue is interrupted by a loading zone, the subtitles will overlap the tips and hints on screen

-??? Wellies will fall asleep with pipes in their mouth

-If the NPC from "OD Wellie" dies, the body will disappear and suspicion will be raised when you go near the quest, the OD Wellie can be given other syringes that don't have any effect, yet it will still be taken from your inventory

-Crafting an antiseptic will not only take your pure water, but your canteen


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