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Can't scavenge car bc it's embedded in wall (Faraday Workshop quest)

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I'm on the part of the Faraday Workshop quest where she gives you a scavenger extractor and tells you to scavenge the cars parked around the town for mechanical parts.


The issue I ran into is that one of the cars is embedded in a wall, so I can't scavenge it (and therefore finish this part of quest):



Here is the area on the map I had where I encountered this car:




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Oh boy, sorry about that!

A few questions:

- Is this from playing an old save made before the last update?

- Would you be able to tell me what version you are on?


To get around this issue, you can try using ghost mode found in options > Developer cheats and flying in front of the car may allow you to collect the part.


If that does not work:


If you are on PC, you may be able to use the console command to give yourself the missing High Quality Mechanical part. To do this, you would activate the console commands in the Developer Cheats menu, press ~ and write:



If on Xbox One, unfortunately if you want to get past Faraday's bridge, you will need to ghost past it - sorry about that if that is the case :(


Hope this helps!

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It'll be a bit easier to answer in point form:


- My game was started from before the update (I didn't start any new ones after update)


- For version: it says "Gameplay Alpha v28977" in the bottom right of the screen (I hope that's what you meant, let me know if it isn't :) )


- I tried doing the Developer "Ghost" option for the car. The prompt to harvest it didn't show up, so I ended up just ghosting through the bridge to get to Apple Holm (I'm on Xbox One)


Thanks for the help and I'm loving this game :D!

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