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Bugs with quests

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Today i played the game like 6h, found few bugs, started writing them down. I will try to post here everything i find:


- you can buy any book from Johny Balton even though u have no money.

- Pippa Camp asks for something to eat and we should give her a healing balm (even theres no space between this 2 words)

- Cordelia Hughes can fall into the campfire, even this may be not a bug I think that she should be thrown away, not into it...

- Ralph Hurler is stuck, I mean i can give him any amount of Neximide and he still wants more and repeats same thing...

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Portion from today:

- In quest sweets when u get sugar from top lvl and if u stay there NPCs are not able to climb up to hit you, they are under you trying to hit, but they hit each other instead of that.

- while you sprint if you keep jumping u can run as fast as sprint and you cant get out of stamina.

- if theres a dest next to a wall if you jump on it u will be falling down constantly instead of staying on it.

- the altar of the yam, if you fall down the hill before playing drums it wont change anything if u play them when u climb back there.

- at night there are random women crying even though they are not there phisically

- if you jump at the stair he climbs it with hands, like it was some hill

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I can say that theres a desk next to telephone, i can try finding it and giving you a screenshot :D

- when you hold brick to throw, you press mouse 1 and then mouse 2 to stop throwing, when you change item to glass bottle u still hold a brick.

- subtitles are different than what the voice says when im taking down NPCs

- there are some lines drown on the background when you are reading quests or you are in crafting menu (u can see it on the screenshot)

- there is a problem with doing screenshots, it doesnt work when its not paused with Esc key.

- sometimes after knocking someone down there is (Empty) at them even though i didnt search their corpse yet

- when I ate something rottern and in the moment the vision is blurred i take neximide it doesnt stop the blurry even though Im cominicated I dont have food poisoning anymore.

- when you hit someone that is sleeping he/she falls unconscious immidately after first hit.

- when you are talking to yourself after talking to woman that miss her lillies u hear one word in right speaker and one in left

- no space between it and Mojo (quest lovebirds, hes saying he "called itMojo"

- once i have been on the island where there is joy even in water i dont need to take joy to go to mystery house to find ephermal linen

- when you do quest "lilies of the field" if you want to lock the gate, there is written "Open the gate" instead of "close the gate"

http://imgur.com/a/quCVf <- the link to screenshot with bugged desk


I didnt get a reply, arent you looking for anyone to do a Polish translation of the game? :D

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I love this game more everyday, with that said Today I encountered problems with a few quests, the faraday quest, I wasn't able to get a bucket to fill. Also, I wasn't able to give the two sunshine pills to George, and finally I can never save Ralph from the mob.



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Thanks for the updates! We will be looking into these issues :)

@silver50 Are you using the steam overly to take screenshots? If so, I think it may be an issue with the steam overly itself.

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