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Xbox: Crash then unplayable

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My game has crashed, making me lose my character at about 8hrs in:


I was in the Garden District (I believe that is the area - the one with the plague) and was preparing to do the Cult of the Yam quest at night. I went up the hill to the door, which I could not open. People were standing in front of the door, and eventually all but 1 dispersed from the door.


On this person, I had a context clue of giving them an apple. I did so, and they began to walk towards the door, as if to open it for me. The game then crashed (booted back to the main Xbox One screen/home).


I've tried multiple times to go back in to WHF and continue my game, but each time, the loading bar stops at the very end, rendering my save unplayable. Guess I will have to reset the game. Oh well.


Also, one other quasi-glitch that I saw: There is a street in the same district that looks like a roundabout and is certainly non-symmetrical like the other roads in the game. This may have caused some of the house/art assets to mesh together, making one road not be available to walk on. Instead, its a morass of houses bundled together.. I would have taken a screenshot, but this was from the same playthrough. One house was more or less cut in half, making it impossible to get into and obtain loot.



Otherwise, good game. I've enjoyed the ~15hrs I've spent on it!

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