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So, I was thinking of weapon/outfit ideas

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The first, would be a rather handy item I think


It'd be almost like a stinkbomb of sorts, using

Rotten Mushrooms X2

Rotten Apple X 1


Required: Chemical Station


What it'd do was making the use of the stench that it would give off, probably making the people there pretty upset, and when you toss it, it kinda acts like the banger, but instead, it just repulses the citizens away without causing problems. It would also leave a lingering smell for a bit, like 5-10 seconds or so, depending, that no one will try to enter. I think it could be a good way of some chase breakers, and give the player some breathing time before they end up hunted again.


Also! An outfit idea.


Joy Mask


You can find it randomly in homes, and when you wear it, those around you won't become suspicious of you even when you start committing some questionable crimes.


BUT, the downside is, when you wear it, you get a constant flood of Joy drug that has been mixed with the mask, and inhaling while wearing it just makes you more joyful in nature. So, it could only be worn for a few seconds, but it could also be practical in the fact that you can make a quick climb into a building. It would depend of course, how fast the joy meter would fill up, but i'd like to imagine at least being able to cross three or so buildings in length before joy addiction comes into place.



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@Bloodsrain Neat! I really like the idea of crafting something useful out of the junk items somehow! Really good idea. That bomb sure would be useful when you need some privacy ;)

Also really like the Joy Mask idea, or a whole mask mechanic for that matter, that could lead to something very interesting!

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