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Xbox One / Game flaws / Suggestions / Compliments

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Water falls out of the bottom of sinks

Citizens of Wellington Wells have on two occasions become rabid and attacked me mercilessly while on Joy. I'm on day 40 so it isn't a persisting problem.

Simon Says game is unstable and attacks me as soon as I walk in, like a furious battle with Zeus where I inevitably lose over and over again.

In the fetish house I am bullied for not taking Joy, even when I have.



- The ability to take / buy houses

- Wellington Wells citizens could have more threatening weapons e.g. knives



The effects of Joy and not being on Joy:

The main pulling factor of this game is the psychedelic / psychological horror theme.

Where the Joy Takers see a pinata and you see a rat, these parallels would serve the game justice in other visual aspects of the game. (The appearance of the environment, and NPC's)


An example of this could be where the citizens of Wellington Wells jump in puddles while you are on Joy, they could jump in sewage while not of Joy.


In short the contrast between being on Joy and off is pretty unnoticeable.

Off Joy the world could seem much more bleak.


- water which comes from taps could be a greenish /brown colour

- Basins, houses could all be dirty / bloody

- The plants could be dead

- Houses / Cars destroyed / on fire

- NPC's could attack each other / do obscure things (scuttle on all fours)

- Corpses (not visible when on Joy, or when on Joy they could be alive and waving)


If anyone's got any other suggestions / glitches specific to Xbox One I guess this might be a good place to drop them?


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Figured out the Fetish Family Aggression. We're pals now.


Faraday won't spawn


Signs levitate in the air, i kinda like it


I can walk around off Joy and not raise any attention, if I stand still for around a minute I might have to chat to someone or they'll start screaming.


Citizens are tame


The butterflies when you overdose on Joy are pretty cool


Mirrors reflect badly, they sort of reflect the players hands and weapons but nothing else


Plastic ducks are manifesting in the baths, everytime i return to a house they've multiplied


I want a new house, living in underground is depressing.


One of the closed off houses intrudes on another house blocking the stairs


I punched a home owner through a wall and now he lives under the stairs


The homeowner complains alot when I come to steal his food.


The injured dude on the floor is invisible or glitched out.


Great work on the sound, having Ivo ivanov on the team was a good move (big fan)


There needs to be more to do, more psychedelic drug effects / more dangerous citizens and weapons the citizens use.


I'd like if citizens did more than just wack you. In the advert you can be knocked over. That'd be cool.

If you could be stabbed / thrown to the ground that'd be sweet too. Its like wack a mole right now.


I don't get the islands. Some artwork and an area out of bounds fence would work. Feels a bit like Minecraft with all the water.


I've tried to make this funny / easy to read, it's a great concept and a great game and I'm really looking to the updated versions which I'm hoping will be more threatening, scary, psychedelic and over the top (in line with the concept of the game)


If anyone agrees / has any Xbox 1 related issues drop them here




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reading some reviews of No Mans Sky and seeing a line "Exploration takes a back seat to survival" and honestly that's kinda how I feel about We Happy Few. I enjoy the survival aspect but all I am doing is constantly scrounging for food. I would love to just explore around and maybe have a softer survival mode. maybe reduced drain by 25% or so. Just a bit easier for me to just explore and play around and do the quests.

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I agree with the suggestion that the effects of taking Joy aren't representative of what we see in the prologue where there is a distorted perspective on reality when on Joy.

This concept could take the game experience into amazing ideas/concepts playing on how each of us perceives reality differently, the role of ideology as a filter through which we perceive reality.

That being said, I can imagine that if this wasn't the core idea of the game, it might be to late or simply not the intention from the Compulsion Games Team to go in this direction.


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Regarding Joy, we do want to do a lot more with it, a lot of which is actually fairly close to what you suggest! Hopefully we can make all of those ideas big enough to warrant their own big "Joy" update. But we're saving that for a later date, for now we want to improve the game off Joy before taking care of that. ;)

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And btw i cant complete the alter of the yam quest. I can't grab the yam or the book. I think it's bugged. Do you guys have any suggestions on what I should do? It's on xbox where I'm having the issue

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Being able to set a way point would be nice, or at least having a map onscreen or something. Also the fact that it doesn't pause while you're looking at your map or doing stuff is really crappy, because you spend a lot of your time in your inventory, crafting and stuff. Time goes by so quickly, that by the time youre finished crafting something, its too late to be out so you have to wait til morning. I absolutely love the fact that whenever you start over, the world is completely different. Everyone has a different experience, and there are unlimited decisions.

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