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Mission Bug/Gameplay Bug

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In the second town, where you help a man take his wife out of the quarantine zone by carrying her, I was unable to complete the mission or even continue it with these series of events.

- I was wearing a proper suit, and was attacked while carrying his wife in the streets, I had also popped a Joy for preparation for the gate.

- When I was attacked, it restarted the male NPC to request 2 proper suits and sunshine pills again.

- When I brought her body to the Gate, and dropped her, I could not pick her back up... Any mobs within about a 20 meter radius of the building had no action(s) that could be done on them.


The NPC man was also TAKEN down from behind while I was fighting via me on accident, this also broke the quest as he would not move again.


Possible Solutions: Reset the Quest NPC location and 'setting' on a timer if the wife's body is dropped for more than say 1 minute?


Make AI unnoticeable to you when you carry said NPC.


Otherwise, enjoying the game and trying to make it as far as I can.



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...smh... so that should break/glitch a quest? At any rate, I quit and restarted the game, it brought my back to the beginning of the quest when I saved so all is well. Just a heads up to look at.

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