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A few questions about the game.

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Ok, so I decided to back the game tomorrow with 60$.


Now the questions:


1) Will I get the game a few hours later thru an e-mail after the kickstarter is finished in form of a Steam key?


2) I saw in some videos from We Happy Few that the people there sleep at night in their beds, how about an stealth attack to kill them while they are asleep?

I'm a big stealth fan I love games like: Hitman, Elders Scrolls, Dishonered. And since you have also to hide in plain sight like in the hitman games it would be cool to have an option to kill them while they are asleep.


3) And what do you think of the idea of getting some disguses like in the Hitman games. I think the game will have some special places which are protected by the Bobbys which would require a keycard or something else. So why not being able to get the clothes of a dead Bobby?


I hope my ideas are not too bad and sorry for my poor english.

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Hello! Thanks for believing in us.


1) Probably not a few hours later. It should be no longer than two weeks, but ideally it'll be faster than that. We're looking at distributing maybe 1000-ish keys, so we need to figure out a good way to do that first (email has proven to be pretty unreliable in the past, and some people have missed out). It will be a Steam key :)


2) Great idea! The first stealth takedown will be put into the game in the next update, but it hasn't been extended to people in beds yet (unless you get behind them :P). We'll look into this.


3) Haha, my man, we're way ahead of you. There is one already in game, but a few more should be coming in the next update. As for the Bobby clothes, I think that's interesting, passing that back to Josh too.


Your ideas are fantastic, and your English is great!

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Thank you for taking time with my questions:).


I backed the Kickstarter with 60$ can't wait to get the key.


And your team is reaching the goal in a few days you alrady have: 209.356 $


I'm happy when it is successful.

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