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Community Balance Update - Preview Branch - 28596

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Hi everyone!


Welcome to our first preview branch update, where we are testing the next update for We Happy Few. In this update, we have a large number of changes designed to address player feedback from our Early Access launch. Predominantly, these focus on addressing the survival mechanics and encounter/quest issues, and the full list is below.


To access this build, change to the preview branch on Steam (right click on We Happy Few in your Library -> Properties -> Betas tab -> select preview from the drop down list).


We want to draw attention specifically to two areas:


- The survival needs rebalancing is intended to bring down the difficulty to what is likely going to be the “medium” difficulty setting. For those of you who like more difficult survival, this will return in a future update when we implement difficulty settings.


- There are three known issues in this build. The first is that some map markers will not have description text when you hover over them. The second is that the bridge between the second Garden District island and the splinter island is temporarily broken - you can get to the splinter island, but not back to the Garden District. You will have to go back out through the Village. The third is that you cannot talk to Faraday with a full inventory - if you do, you will drop the motilene harvester and will be unable to pick it up through the bars. We hope to address all of these issues before we push this update to the main branch.


Otherwise, here is a gigantic list of changes for you to peruse:

Core Gameplay / Balance

• Needs and timescale rebalancing.

• Changed timescale to 48 (from 72): This means 30 minutes per day instead of 20.

• Hunger fully depletes in 40 minutes (instead of 32).

• Thirst fully depletes in 30 minutes (instead of 20).

• Sleep fully depletes in 45 minutes (instead of 20).

• Change sleep hours required to fully restore fatigue to 12 hours (instead of 8).

• Increased durability and damage for branch.

• Increased durability, damage, attack speed, and reach (to the point of absurdity) for pointy stick.

• Increased durability, damage and heavy attack charge time for head knocker.

• Increased durability, damage and heavy attack charge time for double knocker.

• Player does not start with inventory expansion kit, jerky, healing balm and purified water if playing the game a second time.

• Searchable corpse: tweaked the lootable interaction pitch and yaw max/mins to avoid weird player view interp when searching corpse.

• Prevent double hit from throwables on the same target in the same frame.

• Caltrops last much longer.

• Basic rubber duck is now throwable.

• Electrocution by shocker grenade lasts longer.

• Cannot sit on benches during combat.

• Beds that should not have been usable are now really not usable.

• Weapons not automatically dropped on NPC death; player must loot the body.

• Only activate proximity suspicion when player is not moving.

• Player cannot greet NPCs while brandishing a weapon.

• Picking up a dropped object is not considered stealing.

• Fewer enemies can be hit through doors.

• Reduced angle of walkable slopes for NPCs.

• When set on fire, NPCs scream.



World Generation/Resources

• Added new shell house variants to the Garden District.

• Removed second instance of chemical crafting table on first Garden District island.

• Reduced repetition of shell houses in Garden District.

• Automatically stream in zone data based on player position rather than depending on threshold volumes.

• Adjusted spawning of phone booths so that they block doorways or other objects less frequently.

• Increased frequency of tough linen spawns in the Garden District.

• Reduced ludicrous bobby loot drops.

• Bug fixes for joy overdose respawn including respawn support on the two connector islands.

• Reduced the insanely overkill number of phone booths on the connector islands.

• Added warning light to player tracking televisions (night time television observers).

• Primitive food poisoning cure now requires gilead petals and cures one tier of food poisoning by causing you to purge “the bad stuff inside.” Neximide now spawns less frequently as it is a powerful food poisoning cure and too plentiful.

• Primitive food poisoning cure now unlocked from start of game.

• Darts, elite hammer pipe, shocker grenade, and other recipes now unlocked by finding all required ingredients.

• Plain darts now craftable in lots of five (much less costly to craft darts).

• Breakdown and exhaustion darts now require significantly fewer chemical components.

• Phlash recipe now yields five Phlash.

• Plague cure syringes now less costly to craft. Now craft in lots of five. Take less space in inventory.

• Cricket bats require less space in inventory.

• Pump repair patches now stackable in lots of five. Recipe unlocked by having all required ingredients.

• Rowan berries stack the same as blue currants.

• Tree collision modified to allow better “sliding around trees rather than being stopped by trees” feeling.

• “Welcome” park relocated from second to first Garden District island.

• Randomly generated lootable plants now saved properly.




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• House of Curious Behaviors now set to spawn randomly, i.e. not always in a world generation.

• Mysterious Chest set to respawn new contents every twenty-four hours.

• Minor realization improvements and objectives changes to Thirsty Wastrels. Still a work in progress.

• Realization improvements to Faraday’s Workshop. Repaired broken POIs (Roger should now pole dance again).

• Realization improvements to Blood in the Streets.

• Realization and objective changes to Poisoned Wastrel.

• Biological Hazard no longer causes plague but may cause infection.

• Walkabout yields more power cells on completion.

• Added objective to Shibboleth to point players towards searching the suitcase.

• Lovebirds active only during the day. Fixed twitching/teleporting characters.

• The Broken Police Box now gives you metal bits and mechanical parts; tweaked interaction duration and added save game support.

• Mrs. Stokes encounter no longer always spawns after you have played the game previously.

• Increased damage done by bees - no more stealing honey without a padded suit.

• More difficult to murder/incapacitate Crazy Legs.

• Cannot open the same chest three times to complete TV Altar objectives. Wastrels cannot be led too far from the encounter area.

• Simplified paying the toll interaction with the honey bridge bandit.

• Tripwire alarms in the Garden District are now better balanced for risk vs reward, i.e. they tend to be less frequent in general but also generally summon angry wastrels if triggered. Also, they do not zealously guard the bathrooms, which was funny but unintentional. Sprung tripwires now deleted appropriately after save/load.

• Added shopkeeper functionality to Hermit Treehouse allowing for sale of some collected items and purchase of desired items. Among other things you can now choose to spend sovereigns on are a couple of required quest items if you do not wish to search for/cannot find those items.

• Players should not be able to get stuck in Quarantine Bridge any longer.

• Public Works now requires the player to assist the worker. Player can no longer drink motilene.

• Bobbies should tend to stick to the Tea Time encounter rather than go scouting for possible picnic locations.

• Worshippers in Altar of the Yam convulse 45 seconds; reduced from 1.5 minutes.

• Cannot kill the chef through the bars using a melee weapon.

• Bug fixes! Including but not limited to progression blocking, save/load game errors, missing/not deleting map markers and dig spots, potential/confirmed crashes and unintended weirdness to House of Curious Behaviors, Campfire, the first safehouse, Altar of the Yam, Walkabout, TV Altar, Faraday’s Workshop, Lovebirds, Cutty’s Shop, Odds & Ends Shop, Lilies of the Field, Mushroom Log, Where’s the Power, Bobby Investigation, Mrs. Stokes, Thirsty Wastrels, Doll in The Dollhouse no longer falls to the floor, annoying “why are these dumb ropes still here?” bug fixed.



• Hostility of wastrels heightened when players are inside their houses.

• Bare handed wastrel attacks chance of giving infection reduced. Now at 10%.

• Bobbies have a chance of dropping items when drunk.

• Worker NPCs have greater health than normal Wellies.

• NPCs react with VO to distraction objects.

• Wellies do not accept gifts (we need to determine which gift a Wellie would like).

• Bobby charge attack now warns more clearly by their shouting.



• Crafting now split into five logical categories.

• Active quest tracking

• Objective markers now drawn on top layer of map.

• Toxic waste spawners now marked on map.

• Adjustments to multiple pickups that should prevent them from falling through the ground/floor if dropped.

• Updated inventory icons for clean bandage, antiseptic, sewing kit.

• Long subtitles split properly.



• Constrained repetitive wastrel barks to trigger only when player is in proximity rather than in LOS.

• General fixes to in-game text for clarity and typos.

• Fix to fresnel glass material for telephone booths (graphical glitch fix).

• Added missing beds, chairs, stoves to houses in second Garden District island.

• Vomit decals now show up in the environment more frequently.

• Multiple new NPC skin/wardrobe variants.

• Added new NPC barks/VO.

• Tweaks/improvements to select vfx.

• Added some new weapons breaking vfx.

• Visual improvements to banger tripwire explosions.

• Disabled foliage dithering (caused black splotches on trees).

• Reduced emissive properties on some vfx so that they do not blind you at night/in the dark.

• Added new sewing kit model.

• Performance optimizations for PC (already in Xbox build).

• Retargeted animations for crier weeping.

• Tweaked hand pose for some encounter props.

• Additional encounter facial/mouth animations for dialogue.

• Created flashlight hold animations, tweaked socket on mesh.

• Updated OD animation.

• Music box distraction object animates.

• Player can no longer see outside the world in the intro sequence.



• Gamepad aim acceleration tunable.

• Separated X and Y aim sensitivities for both mouse and gamepad (symmetric by default).

• Added gamepad aim dead zone setting.

• Reduced gamepad rotation smoothing.


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Awesome! So many good updates here, can't wait! Will these updates take effect when loading a saved game or will I need to start a new game? Im currently stuck in Faradays workshop as the lady doesn't appear after flicking the switch upstairs so I can't progress any further :-(

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@Adwel In a few days. We are testing first on PC to make sure it works. We will then submit to certification for the Xbox version.

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Still no change for the subtitles too small in 4k. Really come on

Have you looked at the subtitle options? You might just be pleasantly surprised.

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Hey @mefionir,


Thanks again for this round of feedback! We're thinking along the same lines for a few of those and they are already on the feedback board.


The needs icons not showing when drinking/eating above 50% is actually an irritating limitation of the implementation that I've really been wanting to work around, but have been putting off since it's not going to be an easy fix. That said, I do think it should be addressed sooner than later, so I've added it to the board too.

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Great update, I have been loving my current world generation and will look forward to my next one and soon, the completed story!


I have posted a decent, yet informative to say the least, review in your feedback section.


Keep up the good work guys, great game and thank you.

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"To access this build, change to the preview branch on Steam (right click on We Happy Few in your Library -> Properties -> Betas tab -> select preview from the drop down list)."


That pull down does not give me any options. The box says "NONE - Opt out of all beta programs" and clicking the down arrow has no affect. There is a 'Enter beta access code to unlock private betas:' box but I've never received a beta code.


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