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Make the real world compared to the world on Joy contrast more

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In the prologue, you see a big contrast between things when you're on Joy and off it, the biggest example being the piñata. In the normal game though, the only thing that appears to be different between on Joy and off Joy is the lighting and the background music.


My suggestion is to add a number of objects and effects that look completely different depending on whether you're using or not using Joy.


- People sitting at tables eating things in the park on Joy; off Joy what they're eating changes to something more gruesome

- Dead bodies of people when you're on Joy look like something happy; off Joy they just look like normal dead people

- Stuffed animals lying around town; off Joy they're just gruesome dead animals

- Rotten food on Joy looks like normal food

- Maybe make the people look dirtier when you're not on Joy

- Downers in the garden district look cleaner and happier on Joy

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I agree with this. I was pretty dissapointed when the only difference on joy was color saturation. I was hoping for something more like "Pyro Vision" from TF2; where the world would look completely different when on joy. Especially when seeing the opening sequence with the piñata. I was expecting more of that.

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