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Win 7 (64 bit) now unable to run game after black screen of death / reboot.

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This one has me stumped. I have tried reinstalling the game. WHF worked well for the first two days (approx 11 hours of game time on steam) Then crashed hard in a Black screen of death. I started up in safe mode. However since BOD crash I am unable to run the game. When I input a key during the introductory prompt it crashes. I get the open ticket to report. Nothing I have tried has been working.


Any advice?



Computer Specs:


Windows 7 64 Bit

Nvidea GTX 970 (4g)

16 Gigs Ram

Processor = i5 @ 3.4 Ghz.



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Resolved: So while the game was loading up I accessed "GlimpseGame"" (startup programs) properties and changed the compatibility to windows 7. Almost called this a Win... Then my PC blacked out again about 40 seconds into gameplay. (Clearly what caused me to black out crash to start / boot menu is still a problem. Not sure how widespread Black Screens of Death are.)


What didn't help:

I fixed Windows 7 direct x 11 just to be sure. (This had no affect and I was unable to launch the game after "fixing" it) So scratch that theory.

My temperatures on the PC are fine when I run other games... I will be investigating what happens to my Temps when I run WHF again in the future... (when I can actually get into the game for a period of time. But hey at least the launcher works now.


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Your save data likely got corrupted when your game initially crashed. The good news is we've addressed that scenario so it shouldn't crash when encountering corrupted data, and we've also improved some areas that should make save data less likely to get corrupt in the first place.


In the meantime, you'll have to delete your save data, which can be found in %LOCALAPPDATA%/GlimpseGame/Saved/SaveGames.



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