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Questions for the WHF Team

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Right off the bat, great job - I am absolutely loving this game. I've been a huge fan of dystopian anything since I was a boy in highschool.


A few questions I've had bouncing around my head that I would love some feedback on:


How difficult has it been to create a procedurally generated game in UE4? From my inexperienced standpoint, it seems easier to create a static world.

I wonder if the game being procedurally generated is particularly difficult to deal with scripted events (Quest/Events/etc).


Having your game compared to the BioShock series (and by extension, the System Shock series), seems like a double edged sword. For a small studio, it seems like both a high honor while at the same time raising the bar above what is normally expected from an indie studio. Thoughts?


Lastly, what is the most difficult day-to-day challenge at this point? The long hours? The expectations or hypetrain? New ideas that have to be sidelined?


If you have time for a few words, awesome. If not, awesome - you are focused on what I believe could be the next big evolution of roguelikes and story driven procedural content and there a ton of us that love you for it!



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I am sorry this has taken so long to answer. Trying to be everywhere since the release has been tedious but I am finally catching up!


- One of the most difficult thing we had to do on the project. We've been working on the procedural system for two years now and we are still working on it. A static world would have been easier but we could never build one of the size of a game like Bioshock because we are such a small team, so it would have been a very short game with no replayability. We decided to go with procedural because of the replayability and it fits the world where drugs make you forget everything, including the layout of your own town.


- You are 100% correct. While flattering, it is not something we can live up to and it seems like people forgot that we were Indie. When we released on Early Access a lot of people were disappointed that it wasn't a linear story and were confused by the survival aspects (despite our best efforts to warn people everywhere). But it is no big deal, as long as we deliver a quality game that lives up to our vision and where the players are having fun playing and exploring, that is all that we want :)


- That's tricky. I guess it would be trying to add everything we want to the game with the size that we are, without breaking the game. Keeping up with the community and figuring out how to fix nasty bugs.


Thank you for supporting us and our craft :)

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