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Tales from Hamlyn (Strange Events Thread)

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Let's hear the strangest and most random stories, no I don't mean buggy things or quests. Let's hear the things you would assume are a bug later on but just happened so smoothly that it made you think "Huh, what?"


I was in the "Shady Night Club" (You know which one) I decided to scour it and gather up supplies only to make it to Madame's office. I made sure I was stealthy, I made sure my shoes were used, I made sure I was on extensive and dangerous amounts of Joy. Alas, I killed Madame for her precious key to open the safe. Upon looting her desk and looking out the window to see the height of the jump I turned around like a sane person. I came face to face with all the patrons of the club in their rubbery exotic suits, glaring at me like I was some disgusting intruder.


But how? I thought. I was so stealthy!


They gave me no chance to walk out...needless to say that jump from the window looked really good just about now.

(Yes I made the jump, only for several Bobbies to whistle in and chase me back to my safehouse.)

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