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I think you guys got a lot from my stream, but i streamed again and a couple things to note:


- is there going to be a way to cook the raw meat that "needs to be cooked"

- the alarm event had a bugged fuse door where it didnt go to the bottom twice today in a row, really frustrating

- one of the viewers had a cool idea. If street names are implemented, Jack might be able to talk about special events at stores at x street, to help players find out where they are supposed to go. the idea is to help the player find the stores a little quicker since they are so pivotal to progress, and its frustrating roaming around.

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Other things that have come up

- don't like ability to pause game to craft, leads to some goofy situations when fighting bobbies

- minecraft style map might be a great addition to the game

- confirmed that attempting miracles in game is a mistake

- a way to pickpocket so that the game can be played without murdering everyone would be beneficial

- would prefer not being able to outrun bobbies

- have found i no longer have need to break into people's houses, which I feel like should be either more rewarding or more necesary


btw the maze bridge is totally awesome, I'd post my encounter with it on youtube but the encoding couldnt seem to keep up with all the joy particles in the air

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We really did - your streams have been really, really helpful to everyone on the team!


Pause: Yes, I think we all agree on that. It's gimmicky and doesn't make sense in a survival game.


Map: working on it. Exactly how this will work right now (or even if it'll work) we don't know, but we'll hopefully have something in the next build.


Miracles: we'll make that one just a little more subtle over time ;) But it's doing what it needs to right now, so it might be a while before we fix it.


Running: that's a tough one. I agree with you, in principle, but then the game becomes very punishing. We're making a couple of changes this patch that will affect this (but not in the way you think), so we'll take a look at what's going on once we've got these changes in.


Breaking and entering: yes, that's a problem. The loot system needs significant balancing, as you can skip a lot of content right now.


Glad you liked the maze! We had doubts about it, but put it in anyway.

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If there is a map, I hope that it has a Fog of War effect, like the area is all black until you explore it. Or no map and you have to put markers made of cloth around to remember where you've been. But I'm sure whatever you guys come up with it'll be great. I'd be happy with no map at all, no map and randomized environments makes the world feel even more ominous.

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