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"Blood In The Street" Quest Solution / Faraday Mechanical Parts bug (?)

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So after I had to restart, because I encountered the Faraday Homeboy bug with giving James the valve, I finally made it to the end of the quest, searching for mechanical parts in the cars on the street. The last piece is IN the building, right after the quest "blood in the street". Is it a bug that the location randomly fell in there or is the last piece really right behind the metaldoor? If so, how can I end the quest "blood in the street". I don't know how the reach the trap control, since the metal gitters are down and the control next to the detectors isn't doing anything.


I'd love to get some help. Don't know how to finish the game like that.



(EDIT) Read about a way to finish the quest, but I can't enter the area anymore. The downer detectors won't turn off and always kill me. The bobbies are always angry. I died and lost my anvanced mechanical parts and can't get new ones... Have to restart now.


(EDIT2) After leaving the city and returning, I was able to enter the "blood in the streets" part again. When you disable the control the metal gitter opens, which didn't happened before. Anyways. after that you can easily revert the trap control inside (nothing happened to the bobbies tho) and you are able to get to the last car.

I also figured out, that you are able to buy the anvanced mechanical part in store for a few pound. Sadly, I can't finish the quest (once again), because the says that I dont have all the parts. Am I missing anything?

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