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Some Answers from June 4th Twitch Live Stream with Compulsion

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Some Questions and Answers I gathered from the Stream, I wasn't able to catch everything so hopefully the full stream will be available to watch offline. If anything is incorrect then please feel free to change.


VinceCompulsion: Joy does some visual effects and will affect how NPCs perceive you, also some devices can detect if you are on Joy or not.


VinceCompulsion: Scarfino: we will not show anything at E3 but there will be some people from our studio attending.


VinceCompulsion: There will be shelters in each area that you can teleport to the other shelters you discovered and stash your stuff and craft


VinceCompulsion: We are aiming for a 3-4 hours playthrough


RemiCompulsion: the way it actually works is that if you Die, you die and start over, but if you OverDose/Take too much Joy, you will wake up in your shelter and keep everything you have crafted so far and loose a day.


VinceCompulsion: You will be able to save a game and come back to it later, but your game will be lost when you die!


Question: Can you craft a low dose of joy? Or is joy only available from the telephone booths?

Answer: A lot of things contains joy, but in the wastes, its a lot harder to find


Question: If NPC's lose line of sight do they stop chasing you? As you got away quite easily.

Answer: They do chase you for a time but they will stop after they lost line of sight after a while


Question:Are there any downer traps in the open world beside those in houses? Also will there be Road names as the Streets look the same, makes navigation hard otherwise.

Answer: I did have a bridge scenario where there was some but it didn't make it in the build. we are looking to revamp that system up too.

Caster: Awesome idea we're looking into the system and Road names are something we are looking to implement.


Question: Will there be dynamic weather since it always rains in Britain.

Caster Answer: Rain is something we're looking to add.


Question: Lock picking is too easy, will it be revamped to something similar to Dying Light where picks break and requires some patience (more of a challenge)?

Caster Answer: We're looking to making it more skill based in future builds


Question: Is there a trading system where you can sell items in booths to purchase Bobby, Weater clothing to blend into the environment?

Caster Answer: Good idea, something we can look into


Question: Will Night time more intimidating?

Caster Answer: The environment at night is more challenging. There is more bobby presence, people are at home so breaking into houses is harder.


Question: Will there be ballistic weapons?

Caster Answer: No, but we're looking to add other non mele weapons that we can't talk about right now.


Question: Do weapons have infinite health?

Caster Answer: No they are destructible


Question: Will you add animations when taking Joy, drinking from wells, eating food? Also will there be parkour movement when vaulting over objects making it more skill based whilst keeping stamina high?

Caster Answer: Parkour is something we're looking into but there needs to be a balance. All other animations will be added to the game.


Question: Any sign of a story, or is it another Sir you are being hunted?

Answer: CamilleCompulsion: There will be a story, yeah, though we're keeping that under wraps until the launch to keep the surprise.

Answer: To answer your question about how a story can work in a roguelike: we have cutscenes. They contain clues to where the next cutscene is. You'll have to seek that cutscene out. You may have to do a bit of exploring to find it.



- NPC's have different abilities.

- 1964 is the era

- Stealth takedowns

- Moving corpses will serve a purpose in later builds.

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