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Clipping into/Getting stuck in the bridge ( 9280 )

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I was hiding behind the wall of the bridge trying to figure out how to get past the Joy Gate some more (that thing is becoming the bane of my existence) and crouched... only to walk straight into the wall.




When I tried to move out of it, I accidentally clicked my quickslot option and... uh, well...




I think I found my new favourite glitch. It got stuck in that view and I could only look around, eat, and draw my weapon. Inventory wouldn't open either and movement wasn't happening.




The Wastrel had a few neck problems with the wall too I'm calling her a Wallie and couldn't hurt me so kept walking away and coming back. Couldn't get out of it either so I had to restart the run.


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The camera thing is most likely hitting T by accident -- it's currently set up to be a debug third person view, precisely in order to be able to see the sort of thing you've experienced. :S


We'll have a look at the collision on the bridge, but if you get stuck again, you can always use the "ghost" console command to get out of it. Type Tilde (~) to bring up the console, then type in ghost. That'll let you fly around without collision. Once you want to get back to normal movement, bring up the console again and type walk.

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Brilliant, thanks!


Oh that's the noclip command in this one. I found Fly, but it wasn't getting me out of bugs still.


I've almost gotten it in a house before too.

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