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there are loads of issues with the subtitles and it was one of my major disappointments with the game, as someone who's hard of hearing here are a few of my suggestions on improvements that need to be made on the subtitles


1. labeled or color coded sounds: there are lots of different overlapping voices and noises in the game. if npc lines and quest lines were labeled by the character titles or organized in different colors or places on the screen that would really help with determining which subtitles we should be reading, currently if an unimportant npc walks past when you're talking to a quest giving character the npc lines will pop up and the quest lines dissappear, making things really difficult


2. i would LOVE to see subtitles for uncle jack. the detail and creativity that goes into his little programs are spectacular!!! they really set the mood but as someone who is hearing impaired i had to stop and listen over and over to finally understand what he was saying. it would be amazing to have subtitles for him


3. theres a lot of detail and small lines said by quest characters and by the main character that help to fill in parts of the story and set the mood of the game that aren't captured by the subtitles. when you revise the subtitles please remember that most big games (such as skyrim) actually tend to add more details and lines to the character dialogue subtitles to fill in information that can be missed either through tone or sound effects rather than shortening it down to the bare minimum


4. sound effect subtitles would be greatly appreciated. when revising the subtitles please remember that people who are hard of hearing miss out on critical information portrayed through the game music and sound effects. attack music, sounds that give off a creepy ambiance, or make the player feel more like the character are very important!


i know its a lot to ask for, especially since the hard of hearing aren't usuallly the first demographic that comes to mind for many games


but trust me, we notice and appreciate good subtitles more than you could possibly understand. it would mean the world to us to have this imput taken into account by the compulsion games team.

thank you

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