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Weekly Update - 29/07/2016 - Weekly Update - Launch Week, and Next Steps PART 1

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Hello everyone!


On 9am on Tuesday, we released We Happy Few into Early Access! The “Gameplay Alpha” as we’re calling it was a huge upgrade to the pre-alpha version, and we’ve had tens of thousands of people playing and giving us some fantastic feedback.


To those of you new to the community, welcome! It’s great to have you here. Every week we post up news about the game, including future plans, important info and, most importantly, what we have worked on this week. This one is a little longer than usual, as this has been a bigger week than most.


Before we get started: we’d like to thank everyone who has been so positive and awesome in the community, providing feedback, helping others with the game, and even reminding people that (a) We Happy Few is a survival game, and (b) the story is coming on 1.0. We’re seeing a lot of commentary that people are still confused about what the game is - understandable for those people who only saw the E3 gameplay and didn’t look at anything else - and we’re grateful to all of you for helping spread the word, and reminding everyone that We Happy Few is in fact, not Bioshock. We’ve seen you in comment sections, twitch channels, and on twitter, all being awesome. Thank you.


Next Steps - A community update, and the first content update


We’re currently hard at work preparing the first two updates to the game. The first is what we’re calling a “community update” - this is something to respond to the initial wave of feedback, and includes a significant number of bug fixes and quality of life changes (such as reducing the hunger/thirst rates). We’re currently looking at the following fixes:


- Toning down the survival needs and lengthening day cycles.

- Map markers being broken on quests or not visible on quests.

- Support for tuning X and Y sensitivity of the mouse independently.

- Saving the game with Plague kills you instantly when you respawn.

- Dig spots confusing, sometimes marked on the map before they are active.

- Tuning the durability, range and damage of certain weapons (ie: the pointy stick).

- A large number of quest issues reported by you guys (full list of fixes next week).

- Performance updates for AMD Cards and for slower graphic cards.


This will take a bit of time, so we are hoping to push this live to the “preview” branch on Steam next Friday 5 August. This branch will be available to anyone who want to help test the game. Once we are happy that it is stable, we will publish it to the main branch for everyone to enjoy. Secondly, we’d like to let you know that the second update will be the first one that substantially changes the world. This is a content patch which will change how the world generates, including:


- adding more variety in the world generation,

- coast, lighting and vista updates,

- journal, quest and compass updates,

- additional NPC dialogue, and

- more flexible difficulty settings.


We are aiming to release this in the first week of September.


Feedback and Roadmap Boards


To help collate all the feedback we are receiving, and keep you informed of our plans for the future, we are setting up two different Trello boards - one for our design roadmap, and one for community feedback.


The community feedback board you can find here: https://trello.com/b/qF8RTSDh/we-happy-few-community-feedback, in which you can vote on the issues that you are most concerned with fixing. Note that this generally does not contain bugs (these are entered directly into our bug database), and instead is focused on suggestions and ideas for improvement.


The high level roadmap will be less detailed, but will outline the various tasks we have planned to complete as we finish the game. This is going to be a very flexible board - we are currently planning on spending between 6 and 12 months in Early Access because we don’t yet know exactly where we’ll need to add content - but is loosely based on our progress on the three characters’ story campaigns. This is not yet available, but we will post this up soon.


Please See here for PART 2 of the Weekly Update

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In the safe house put items into the safe (stash). They just disappeared.


Got stuck next to a tree and had to quit the game. Couldn't move away.

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may just be me but I believe that the food and drink rates are perfect I mean yeah I have to constantly make sure I have food but isnt that life? after a few play through's food and water never gave me a problem. Biggest problem I had was getting plague pretty early in game and not being able to find the materials or even a chemistry station to make the shot needed to cure it. But i love how when you die the world completely changes sometimes with different quests, definitely makes it feel like im not having to do the same thing over and over again each time I die. But i feel like its hard to sneak around people I feel like you can be behind someone and as soon as you crouch they turn around and are like "whoa wtf you doin bro: (not in so many words) but then all you have to do is run for 5 sec and bam your clear. I feel like you should be able to sneak easier and make getting away harder. Like NPCs with climb over things and actually search for you. I like the hiding feature like in trash cans and under beds but I feel like its completely necessary because if you just run down the block its quicker and easier. But all in all love the game love the utopia society and how you have to blend in depending on what town your in. Love that there is no leveling system or character builds makes the game feel just as difficult from beginning to end. Anyway im done with my rant have a nice day!

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@asherack Even if the figures for the survival needs were realistic, which they aren't at the moment, it kills the experience to have to forage for food every 4 minutes. I understand this is a survival game, but we need to think about how we want the survival elements to work along with the story that is yet to come. Personally I think you shouldn't starve to death until 48 hours from being at 100 food and about 36 hours for thirst. If it were to be 24 hours or less to die, you would instantly die upon waking up from a day of sleep, which is sort of the way it works now xD. Though I think you shouldn't die for a long while, maybe some slightly harsher penalties as the values drop below 30 percent would be a good idea to balance it out. I don't think there should be any penalty for food/drink/sleep until the value is under ~65 percent. It hits you too hard to have 10 percent penalties to stamina if I don't eat literally every 60 seconds.


Just my thoughts though

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It seemed excessive at first but once you get used to it and see how easily you can obtain food and water, It's a nice challenge in my opinion. Maybe not realistic (All I had was a sub today, I would've been dead hours ago in WHF universe), but makes you actually put basic needs first rather than just questing and progressing story-wise and staying easily nurtured from what you find doing that.


On another note, Asherack said that it needs to be harder to get away from aggro muffs and I agree completely. I mean weak, disease-ridden wastrels may not keep up to you so easy but the bobbies have no excuse. I'll have an entire mob after me, turn a corner, look back, and there will only be one still chasing me. I thought I'd have a reason to be scared of the bobbies but the spankers are usually the only thing that gets in my way. ( I like underestimating them) I also agree with him about sneaking, it's not something you HAVE to utilize, rather, it's something you'll probably just use for fun and immersion.


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