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Breaking and Entering

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First off I really like the whole process of breaking into a house, trying to case it from outside to spot laser traps or if anyone is home. Its almost more exciting to get caught and figure how to get out of trouble. I had a fun chase that resulted in me jumping out of a third story window as I was chased by a swarm of Wellies. It leads to really cool emergent stories.


But there are some things that are a little awkward about it. It feels like I should be able to duck under lasers in the hallway as it looks like they are the right level for that but instead I set off an alarm and take a lot of damage. Also sometimes its really hard to get in back windows as the furniture will be really close to the window and pretty much completely stop me from getting in (I can unlock the door from the inside while sitting in the window though.) Also, and this may just be part of a gameplay mechanic I am missing, it seems impossible to tell how people will react to you being in their home. Sometimes they attack on sight others they are perfectly ok with it.


Finally I have noticed that Wellies tend to stick around in houses after responding to alarm. I would break into a house and get caught and then run out and thought I would come back later only to suddenly discover there was around 8 just hanging out who immediately swarmed and killed me. I had thought they would scatter and go back to walking the street. It makes it feel like getting caught in a house results it it being permanently off limits. It would be cool if perhaps the cops could watch a house after an attempted robbery but its weird to have the civilians sticking around for so long.



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most of what you mentioned are indeed bugs, for instance you should be able to duck under lasers without touching it, the ones at mid height at least, it may be placed a bit too close to the limit.

About the placement of objects in houses it's a compromise between using a relatively realistic room layout and one that doesn't interfere with gameplay. We will review the existing buildings and try to improve this situation.

And for the AIs clumping together I agree, there is work to be done :)


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