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Bugs I've Encountered

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I'm starting to experience more bugs the further into the game I go. So instead of cluttering up the forums with a new discussion for each one, I'm just going to update this discussion every time I encounter one. If one of these aren't a bug, and it's just me being stupid, or it's been fixed, let me know.


1 - "Where's the Power?" Quest

On the "Where's the Power?" Quest, I fought off the mob attacking Ralph. When I do that, the quest does not update, and Ralph stands there with empty power canisters around him. Every time I go into a safe house or go to sleep, a mob member respawns and attacks him. I kill the mob member, and Ralph still doesn't do anything. One time Ralph even started moon walking backwards and clipping through objects. (Made me chuckle a bit) Another time, Ralph himself became hostile after seeing me kill one of his attackers.


2 - The Bailies

I stumbled across a ruined house with two people in it. George and Mary Bailie. Mary was in a bed sick, and George was in a chair next to the bed comforting her. The game gave me the option to give Mary an apple. When I did, she stood up with no animation on top of the bed, thanked me, then went into a T pose. I got nothing in return, there was no quest activated.


3 - Food Poisoning Not Showing on the HUD

I ate rotten food instead of normal food like an idiot when I was in a safe house. So I got the food poisoning effect. It showed up in the HUD, but I went to sleep for about 10 hours to get rid of it, and the food poisoning effect was in between health and hunger in the HUD, but it was invisible. I kept throwing up and it wasn't going away. Taking a neximide pill fixed it.


That's all so far. Let me know if you encounter the same bugs, or if you have a way to fix them before an update. Thanks guys <3 (I'm enjoying this game immensely)

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