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Hotfix 28047a - Win 7/Win 8.1 launch issue fix

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Hotfix 28047a is live!


This hotfix adds a .dll file that was missing on some Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PCs (due to those PCs not being up to date with Windows Updates). This fixes many instances of the game not running on startup.


For those of you having trouble running the game, this should fix your issue. For those of you that it does not, please delete the game files and reinstall the game. If it still does not run, please post on our forums so we can help address any issues.


Also we pushed 28047


- Frame Rate Limit. This allows you to set your frame rate cap - including removing the limit altogether. 144Hz away!

- Mouse smoothing option. The game does not use mouse acceleration, but it does have mouse smoothing which may have been causing some players concern. This option allows you to turn it off.


In addition, 21:9 resolutions will now also be correctly categorized in the graphics options.



- Team Compulsion

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