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Plague Checkpoint is "one-way only". When coming from the back, there is no way out. Stuck in there.

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I tried to get back into the gardens from another island. Had to pass some kind of plague checkpoint were a guy with a huge magnifying glass is supposed to check you for symptoms. However, I came from the "back entrance" by pushing the red button outside. When I was in the checking room, the doors closed behind me and nothing happened. I couldn't get out. No buttons to press, all doors closed, guy is standing idle. When I restarted the game I suddenly spawned in a small room with two yellow slide doors with a laser-tripwire. Looks like the room you first go into when coming from the front. Both doors were closed, all I could do was set off the trip wire, that's it. Now I can't get out, restarting just respawns me between the two doors again. I will have to starve to death now. There is nothing I can do to get out.


Edit: Oh, and the guy from the "wounded wastrel" encounter respawns after I helped him. Helped him, opened the box. Next day he lays there again, wounded and all. Can't help him a second time though. His text is the same as after helping him.

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