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Found 4 results

  1. I cleared the required quests to cross plassey bridge, I fixed it but the door behind the down detector will not open. I've tried reloading and that did not fix anything. I'm playing on xbox one through game pass
  2. I am currently playing We Happy Few on Xbox One on build v1.7.79954. There are no updates available. The line below that says WS:93CE53AA4967F9E6F26F17BA43D4FDFA. Everywhere I read, it's stated that you earn at least one skill point for every side mission or main mission you complete. I've completed a handful, and the only skill point I've gotten was the one where the game instructs you to unlock the Sweet Dreams skill. Could someone please help?
  3. I´m playing on xbox gamepass. A player need lots of lockpicks Why? because lately the lockpicks have become single use - which doesn't make sense! I´ve been reading post all over and the other players write this: Lockpick can be created from bobby pins or metal bits. One even wote: I ever only made one.. and is still using it. I use to be able to do both, then my game updated... Now its only possible with bobby pins and they are not there any more! I´ve been to every single trash can in St Georges holm.. because I need 3 lockpick to open the the safe house...no bobby pins! And here I was thinking about buying the game, cos I really liked it..now? These two things must be bugs.
  4. I bought the We Happy Few Game-Preview the first day it was available, do we get the full version of the game when it arrives, or do I have to buy it again? I heard the game was refused classification in Australia, does that mean I won't get the game at all anyway?
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