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Found 2 results

  1. I was playing the game on Xbox One and upon getting to Edward's house and going around to the back door, I found out it was closed up tight. By that, I mean the defense shutters.....what uh...is this a bug with the quest line or is it something I've done wrong? I'd like a little help, wanting to finish all quests possible before finishing as Arthur. The game is fully updated, recently installed, and the system as far as I'm aware is up to date as well. If I left out any other needed information, please let me know.
  2. I have played this mission through 3 times now with the same end result. I keep getting trapped in or locked out of Edwards house by the metal shutters. I thought maybe it was because I killed the NPCs in the house the first couple of times so I left everyone alive the 3rd time. And once again I'm stuck in the house. The shutters are down and I cannot figure out how to get out. I've done everything I needed to, the rifle, the radio, and looted the place. How can I get out when the shutters are all down?
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