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  1. Hey all, So I made it to the park where the speaker is. I saw the people throwing stuff at him and they eventually walked away and left him alone. But I decided I wanted to keep going on the quest I was in the middle of at the time and left without talking to the speaker. I came back after quite a while (I got a good chunk of the main quest done before I went back to do the Speaker's Corner quest). The quest is still in my journal and it isn't failed, but when I follow the quest marker back to the park where the speaker was standing, he isn't there. His suitcase is there and, like I said, the quest marker still led me there. But I looked around that whole park and he was nowhere to be found. Any chance someone could help me figure out how to continue this quest? My husband suggested that maybe the speaker left his spot and is walking around the Village somewhere, but where would he go? I don't know about you guys, but I get deeply bothered having quests in my quest log that aren't failed but also can't be finished. It just feels wrong to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! By the way, I'm playing on PS4 and the game is updated to it's latest version. Thanks in advance!
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