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Found 4 results

  1. The Mastermind quest shows as incomplete, I have activated the switch and can use the fast travel system. PS4 Pro V1.01.
  2. Have found and activated the hidden mechanism in the stranger in a strange land quest, but the bookshelf is not moving. I’ve gone off and back into the game but still this issue stands. I’m unable to complete the mastermind quest despite finding and activating the mechanism.
  3. Loving the game! Just wanted to let y'all know I discovered a bug on PS4 for the Luds Holm Access Hatch. The quest tells me to activate the switch next to the hatch door however it has already been activated and does not allow a prompt to activate it again.
  4. On the “No Exit” quest to get the Lud’s Holm hatch open, I died after flipping the switch on the hatch out by the mushroom house and now (after respawning) the quest is saying I still need to flip the access hatch switch to complete the quest. The switch is already flipped and I’m able to use the access hatch but the quest won’t complete. I am playing the game on PS4
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