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Found 2 results

  1. Ollie can't change clothes on the Xbox One, any chest item equipped get stuck permanently in the inventory and can't be swapped once equipped. Unless I find some type of fix, this is game-breaking. Sorry I can't post the screenshot, but it's been made almost impossible to share that here since it must be live viewable on the web as an accepted image file, instead of being able to link to it directly from OneDrive as the Xbox uses by default, and I don't have my own web server to just upload random images to.
  2. I playing on the xbox 1 and am having issues unequiping ollies attire. I am playing on Normal on build v1.3.70173 I now have 2 different outfits equiped on ollie and it is making it almost impossible for me to go out on the streets without arrising suspicion. Because "ollie can not be naked". Even though he is double clothed. I am just at the end of the story with the exception of the Thomasina house bit. Which i can not complete due to the multiple outfit issue. Throught googling i have seen this issue has been reported previously here.(link below) please let me know when this issue will be fixed as I would like to complete my game.
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