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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I am playing on the ps4 with build v1.3.70168. After going through a large part of the Parade District(and killing a bunch of dudes in the Arkwright building while finding parts for the machines there) the quest 'Future Perfect' hasn't come up. I've long encountered the cut scene with the woman and the doctor and disabled the big robot lady. I don't know what else to do and I dread starting completely over. Can anyone help?
  2. I am currently stuck in the parade district. The only quest available to me is "Letter of Transit". I've given the guard my letter from the many videos I've look at online it seems I need to go to the Department of Science and Research. But that's where the game is glitched out. I went there, I picked something up to fix one of the machines but I can't fix any of the machines. In the videos I've watched it shows I'm supposed to knock on the door where the scientists are and there will be a cut scene and it'll give me the future perfect quest. It just says the door is jammed and I've been stuck without any progress for almost a month now. The update that was recently put out was downloaded on my PlayStation as of 7:58am today but I'm still stuck.
  3. I’m doing the “Furture Perfect” quest and got to the point where I have to collect all the parts to fix the machines, I got one of the parts and died soon after, I continued to grab the rest of the parts and no objective was given after, I noticed that on walkthroughs the people receive the repair subquest almost immediately after picking up the part they needed, without these quest I’m unable to repair any of the machines and as far as my knowledge goes progress through the game. Please help if anyone can. I’m playing on the Xbox One S and am on Build v1.3.70173
  4. I can’t get the Future Perfect quest to show up. In the Parade, I went into the Department of Science and Industrial Research. I went around and looted/took out the NPCs before trying to examine the machines. I guess because I picked up the spare parts before examining them, I somehow bugged it? Because I can’t interact with the machines at all. Didn’t even realize coming in here should have triggered a quest until I tried to google the bug - Future Perfect isn’t in my quest list. I can’t progress in the story without this quest... any ideas?
  5. I've been attempting to figure out why for a few hours now, but the quest future perfect will not show up in my log even though I saw the interaction with the woman and the doctor. I've progressed in the parade district a bit and I still cant lower the quarantine. I have tried exiting and reloading the game multiple times and I even went into the arkwright labs. And still nothing has popped up. What am I meant to do?
  6. hey all anyway I had the cutscene were the woman complained about the pie shop being closed cause of quarantine now after this cutscene I was supposed to get a quest called future perfect but I haven't so now I cant progress further in the game ?
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