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Found 5 results

  1. Any notes I pick up after Jubilator Grand Derby I cannot read. The game still makes the noise like it is scrolling down through the notes, and the numbers indicating I have a new note disappear, but the text on the left and the highlighted note on the left remain on Jubilator Grand Derby. I am playing on an xbox one. I'm working on some major story quests and am quite bummed I can't read a lot of the notes I'm picking up in Dr. Verloc's office. I am able to scroll back up and read anything above the Jubilator Grand Derby note, however. I appreciate your help! Danielle
  2. PS4 - all updates installed. The journal stopped adding documents after the "betting on the Jubilator" note. When I pick up a note, there is a notice in the lower left that a note has been added to my journal, and the number of unread notes goes up, but I cannot scroll beyond the Jubilator betting note, nor can I see my Stats. Therefore, cannot read notes.
  3. During the quest The Great Stink and after taking the note 'Jubilator Derby' I can't scroll through my notes anymore past that one. I've tried reloading other save files but the problem remains. Platform: XBOX ONE Build: 1.3.70173
  4. As title says. I was doing the jubilator quest area underground, picked up a note, ended up finding another note with a different title same contents and now I can't scroll past the first note possibly because of the duplicate in the list under it. Notes are both titled "jubilator grand jury" Tried restarting and it didn't change anything so I can't look at any new notes I receive now. Why are new notes at the bottom anyway?
  5. I've been playing this game non stop since I bought it, but the bugs are terrible. The game seems to crash a lot, and recently I've experienced I can't view new items in my notes. I feel like the notes are an important part of the story and I'm missing out.
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