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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Every time I try to upgrade the work bench my x overheats and turns off going into safe mode. Tried the display in 1080 and still the problem persists. Is this a know problem and has anyone else had this issue?
  2. Has happened 3 times now, my xbox one x actually shuts off, when I start it back up it says it overheated, never happened with any other game
  3. Bit of a strange bug. We've made it to Maidenholm and are in the first hatch there (it starts filled with water and electricity), coming and going as we please. When we tried to upgrade the workbench in that hatch the animation played of smoke coming out of the workbench. Apparently a bit too much smoke because my console completely shut down over it. When rebooting, it informed me that it's built to shut down when it detects a ventilation problem. Thing is, my console is out in the open and it's about fifteen degrees cooler than it's been the past couple of months where I've had no problems. Wondering if it might be the game I reloaded and tried again. Anything else seems fine (on this and other games), but when I upgrade that workbench the console thinks there's a ventilation problem and just shuts down.
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