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Found 5 results

  1. When I sabotaged the machine, butcher came running to me. I tried to knock him out, but then suddenly I woke up in my room, and I got the "Sabotage the machine" task again, but I don't have the broken part in my inventory, and I don't know where to find it. Is this supposed to happen?
  2. Trying to replace the eviscerator part into the machine but can't. I get NO prompt with the X button. It seemed like the part that was broken disappeared after I opened the hatch.
  3. Hello! Enjoying the game a lot! Except in the butchers house, after i pick up the eviscerator, i can’t seem to place it into the machine, it doesn’t show me the option! i checked that i have it in my inventory, but can’t do anything! not even escape ? please help!! i need to finish arthurs journey! xox
  4. Guest "Zzz" has made a very similar post/topic over the exact same issue I'm having but since we're on two different platforms I figured I might as well make my own topic, just in case the solution differs depending on platform and/or game version. The issue: During the quest Slaughterer’s Apprentice I was tasked to fix the Eviscerator by picking up a new piece downstairs. I have that piece in my inventory: But the old piece never really popped off the machine, and I don't really have any option to interact with anything there at all, only thing showing up there is the objective's pin: Prior to encountering this bug I spent some time running around the Butcher's house exploring, and I had already picked up the new Eviscerator piece before being actually tasked to. I also interacted with pretty much everything that's interactive in the house (buttons, doors, items, etc) before being met with the error. I've already saved and restarted the game a number of times but the old Eviscerator piece is just never there. My platform is PC, Windows 10, and I got We Happy Few off Steam. The current version of the game is V1.1.69866. I already owned the game when it was on Early Access, if that matters at all. I'm a bit impatient here because I really want to continue playing, which I can't unless I reload my old files and lose a good load of my progress, which I'm not really looking forward to... I guess I'm stuck inside the Butcher's house for now... But, regardless, thanks in advance!
  5. I was doing this quest and made it to the cellar, recovered my things and then ran to the Rubbish Bin. When I hid in the bin the Spanker hit me at the same time and I died, only to awake and for the "Leave Rubbish Bin" to still appear on screen. This resulted in me leaving the bin and teleporting to the cellar when I was suppose to start over at the step to sabotage the extruder. If I recover my stuff, nothing happens and I am also unable to climb back up the ladder to the apartment. Reloading put me back upstairs and fixed the issue, but it's still a bug that I wanted to report.
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