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Found 4 results

  1. Steam Build 1.3.70168 Approached cart containing Possibly Heinous Package and accidentally took down Bobbie instead of bribing him, might have not finished his dialogue. A large battle ensued with at least 4 dead bobbies and around 6 dead Wellies. Quest satus is "remove the possibly heinous Package". Cart won't activate to let me pick up package. I've tried from all angles and all hours of the day. I have saved and reloaded.
  2. I carry and put the package beside the wheelbarrow before starting, and knowing about the quest related to it. Some days later I started this quest but the package wasn't on the floor or in the wheelbarrow anymore. Now it is impossible for me to continue this quest. I wonder, I have no use dev console before. Is it a way to use it to spawn the package or reset this quest?
  3. I'm trying to do the possibly heinous package quest but after the cutscene with the guard next to the flowers, there is no package for me to pick up
  4. Hi Compulsion! Just wanted to report my game kept crashing after turning the alarm off in Gemmas place. After awhile it stopped but still good to note. There is also no heinous package for me to pick up or it wont let me pick it up for the Quest Superb Meat Boy. Thanks!
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