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  1. I thought the hive mind quest was finally fixed after I found it there’s a new hot fix that just came out since I’m finally able to beat the game cause I’m literally in the final mission I throughly I could wait till the hive mind was fixed so I can 100% complete the game yet it’s still not fixed when is the next hot fix coming? I really want to beat the game
  2. I was just wondering what exactly was supposed to be fixed in the new update for the Xbox one? It was like a 6 gb update for me and nothing seems to be fixed. I still can't complete the Hive mind quest. I am able to collect honey from every other tree besides the one needed to complete this quest. Quest markers are still not being removed from my map upon completion amongst other things. I love this game and had very high hopes for it. I bought it in early access because of this. It's disappointing to see it still not living up to it's full potential. I am on the Xbox one build v1.3.70173.
  3. During the Hive Mind encounter I am unable to harvest the Honey from the tree. I have made the Padded Suit and can harvest some of the other trees, which don't count toward the quest, but the tree in quest is not harvestable. The quest log also seems to "reload" over and over, as the icon for progress pops up when I'm doing other things and when I return to the tree the (Optional) Equip a Padded Suit will "complete" again.
  4. My System: PS4 Pro We Happy Few Build: v1.169541 Here is a list of bugs that I have had the displeasure to have come across: 1. Hive Mind-Cannot harvest honey with padded suit on. 2. Duck Soup, found the rubber duck, took it back, no one wanted to talk to me, proceeded to takedown everyone out of frustration. 3. Shocking Revelation(No info under quest/journal) Access Hatch-Cannot Secure the location after draining the water and putting the power back on. 4. Meet the Neighbours(No info under quest/journal) Access Hatch-Cannot turn on power, turned wheel valve, nothing happens, cant use shelter.
  5. 1. Hive Mind: Can't harvest honey, even with a padded suit. 2. Tree House: Craft a "Suit Of Blending". I've completed the quest all the way to the last part, which is "craft a suit of blending". I've crafted 2 and still have the promt to craft a suit of blending. I've even tried to wear one and return to the tree house LOL. 3. Future Perfect: After "Align The Machines To Blast A New Door" you are to pull the handle and finish this. The handle disappeared and the quest can't be completed, which is so far a game breaker due to I can't find another way to continue this story.
  6. Hi, don't know if some of these are already reported but here are some bugs: Bugged quests: Mysterious chest: cannot be finished keeps looping Hivemind: can't collect honey Crazy legs: can be finished put it pops up again once you return to the area with noway to recomplete it Bugged mask collectible: Germany (Arthur) doesn't register, if you go back to it's place the mask isn't there anymore Possible uncle jack shows bugged: NEWS HOUR PSA DOWNERS - I HEAR YOU WORD OF THE DAY - FUNNY OLD CUSTOMS PINATA they're either bugged for me or just won't spawn Also can't scroll down the notes anymore past the jubilators derby note.....can't see the statitistics anymore....
  7. For the Eel Pie Holm quest, Hive Mind, I've run into an issue for the PS4 version of the game where I am unable to retrieve a piece of honey comb from the designated quest tree. I have confirmed that it is not a human error by retrieving honey comb from other bee hives located around the game world. I have tried standing at various different angles, thrown grenades at the tree, and lured a mob to the tree to attract the bees. All attempts have been unsuccessful so far. Thanks for making a great game! Still enjoying the hell out of it besides that.
  8. I thought Bethesda was bad for buggy games. Playing on PS4 Already had one save become unplayable and had to start again. Numerous times Arthur has become “stuck” after climbing over a wall or fence and I have had to go to the main menu and reload. The Hive Mind quest is currently uncompletable (at least to me) on PS4 as it won’t allow me to get the honey. No prompt appears to gather it. Currently regretting the money I spent on this game. Triple A price for a game that thus far doesn’t even rank with a lot of indy games.
  9. Platform: PC ? (Steam) v.1.169866 ---> v.1.3.70168 Mode: ACT III - Ollie / Normal Player: Italian (Early Access Native) Gameplay: Exploration of secondary missions and areas, understanding of history and game mechanics The third act showed more or less the same amount of graphic errors as the previously reviewed acts. QUESTS COMPLETED The truth shall set you free / What Happened to Trip Street / Decamped / Jericho / The Jack-o-Bean club / Mount Badon Bridge / No place like home / The cmap of thine enemies / What lies beneath / Manned flight / Sweet spot / The gung hoster / Motilene gives you wings / Ghosts / House to let / Cache as cache can / Crazy Legs / Constabulary Removal / A dead man's best firend / What have we buried / cathouse / Wooden legs Wooden legs - When the crutch is created for Eddie, the mission statement does not announce to deliver it to Eddie, and this for a moment has confused me because I usually confirm a created object, I was afraid it was a bug or that I had to create another object. Only when I gave the crutches to Eddie did I realize that the created object was valid and ready to be delivered. It would therefore be advisable to add as a point "delivery of crutches to Eddie". QUESTS INCOMPLETED Hive Mind - I could not take honey, there was no interaction that would allow it Mysterious Chest - I only had explosions when I opened the box, never a reward. Furthermore, the reset was never interrupted and it was always complete. LOCALIZATION ERRORS I had (again) a very important text left in English .... seriously ... please ... solve location errors, it is becoming too frustrating for foreign players. As in Arthur's final of Act I, the final video of the epilogue (where Arthur does not take the last pill) there are no subtitles, which is very serious for foreign players. Other texts left in English The steam archive section still features all the entries in English, although in Contrast the archivement is correct in the language (Italian). Would you kindly provide for the location of them? GRAPHIC GLITCHES A gallery. Also in the epilogue are missing some graphic elements. In the revelation of the last tape of Jack, there is an annoying error, in which to press the escape stops the game but not the video of Jack, blurring the sync between the audio and the video. The same mistake happens for all the TV in the game when you press escape: the video continues, thus scaling the audio-video sync once you start playing again. I noticed in the directory of the game that there is a loading video even when you enter appleholm and esmerald city. however, only this sequence appears in the game. it's a must-have. Could you adapt this sequence for the parade too? FEEDBACK NOTES I noticed some players asking to be taken back by Sally or Ollie after they had bugs that forced them to start over from the beginning. I think it is appropriate to implement in the game the ability to select the acts when they are unlocked, prorpio as happens in many games that have levels in which you can resume from them once unlocked. It would avoid a lot of inconveniences in the future. On Steam, when will the soundtrack of the game be available as announced? When Ollie has to dress up as a waitress (ha ha), I was a little worried about the request to put a facial tissue. I had my uniform but I did not understand if I had to add something to the head slot. It could be remedied with something credible? Maybe together with the apron a bandage for the face from insertions right to the slot of the head. The bees gun is very slow both to collect them and to spit them out. it would be an interesting object to be used on consumption, but it is impossible to do it being a single shot. could you improve it to use it in addition to the main mission? NEXT TEST STEPS OK Act 1 Arthur - Normal mode (test of missions and setting) here OK Act 2 Sally - Normal mode (test of missions and setting) here OK Act 3 Ollie - Normal mode (test of missions and setting) NEXT STEP Hard mode (AI test, Combat system, stealth and survival at the highest levels) SOON Easy mode (Further notes on missions, texts and location)
  10. i cant get the honey from the tree platform for PC pls fix and EEL PIE HOLM is Bugget as hell PLS fix ty the game is good i like the story have fun fix the game :)
  11. Platform: GOG Build: v1.1.69866 I originally sent it as a DM on reddit, but I was invited to also post it here (I will see to reproduce and add some images/videos later, but I've switched to the Steam version): -Some of the terrain generation needs work, I've found several land pits and flat squares. I also found one or two floating batches of grass (specially near the fort with the paper tanks). -The switch from 8:59 pm to 9:00 pm feels like lacking some kind of smoothing (specially outside the spanker house), the game simply switched to darker and the flowers instantly open, perhaps some kind of smoothing animation? -I've got some rolling pins in my stash but all damaged, when I go to craft something it shows 0.225/1 , I know that is the true value, but it feels weird having such small values on screen. -Weapons clustering inventory/stash (specially rusty shovels and cricket bats), perhaps some function later on to "repair" them with others, to help clear inventory and for crafting. -I've experienced at least five times NPC randomly teleporting when I approach them, both from going far away and right in front of me, still haven't been able to reproduce it at will. -Sometimes the Madame at the spaker house/rubber suit house gets stuck on her door, this became a problem when I went to the next room to get the key for her special knocker and pressed V to stun the people there, she turned aggressive and made me fail the quest to give her the key (even tho she was just unconscious). -I've found some floating houses/back alleys as well some rotated in a weird way, but the "Out for lunch" signs are floating on the position you would expect the houses to be. -The dot crosshair does not always prompt to the item you want to pick (i.e.: Metal Bits on top of a dresser, the game will prompt to the dresser, even if already searched and empty, needing to move the camera a bit to get the prompt for the item). -The "Hive Mind" quest is not possible to complete, not only the bees stagger me from doing action, there is no prompt to get the honey from their tree (all other trees are fine). -In Dr. F's house in the first dresser, there sometimes can be a floating shovel as one of the items). -Sometimes the game gives loadscreens (1-2 seconds) when walking around on the garden district, but they always on the same spot, could be that because I am using a HDD and not a SSD.
  12. Hive mind mission wont let me harvest honey even with padded suit on ps4 pro in latest version. The mission “everybody must get stoned”, or a title very similar, just dissapeared from my quest log when i died trying to complete it and it wont spawn again. any time frame in which we can expect some fixes? The game itself isnt bad but borderline unplayable in current buggy state .makes bethesda games look flawless in comparison..
  13. 1.So first bug is when I complete a mission for example the marker stays their for almost a whole hour until it refreshes my missions and realizes that I’ve completed those missions. 2. Mysterious chest, as soon as I investigate the chest and it says wait a day or two so I wait and then it tells me it’s ready then when I go back there to the chest the missions restarts and says again investigate the chest and so on fourth it keeps repeating I’ve tried many strategies yet it’s still bugged. 3.hive mind every time I go to the hive and try to pick up the honey comb I can’t it just doesn’t even give me the option which is very frustrating I’ve tried taking off my padded jacket then putting it back on and also many other strategies still didn’t work please try to patch this in the next upcoming update:)
  14. Hello, I don't know if this has already been mentioned but in my game, the quest Hive Mind was generated and it requires us if we'd like to equip a Padded Suit in order to get Honey from the bees, but even after I put it on, have a bottle in my inventory (just in case I need one for the honey), and go to the honeycomb, I am unable to even interact with the honeycomb. Sorry for the duplicate post, I just read down in the forums and saw it was reported already, thank you.
  15. The quest "Hive Mind" is glitched. It won't let me collect the honey.
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