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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, i am now in Hamlin Village in Maidenholm. Whenever I load up my game, if I am not in my bunker I start sitting on a bench. But the problem is I can’t get off of the bench. I can’t stand up. The only options are waiting, which I’ve done and it makes Now difference, or reading. Anyone have any ideas for me? I’m tired of having to go back to an early save from a bunker and lose all my progress.
  2. I saved the game at night. When I reload it, I'm on a bench. It says it's past curfew (10pm) and I'm reading the paper. It won't let me stand up or anything. I'm just stuck here. What do I do? I'm waiting till daytime but damn that takes forever.
  3. Hi there. I got killed by some goons right after meeting Sally for the first time in the village. When the game loaded up again I was on a bench in the village reading a newspaper. There are no options available and none of the interactions/buttons are doing anything apart from waiting or putting away the newspaper. I have restarted my game and turned everything off and I can confirm I am stuck on the bench forever reading a newspaper until this gets fixed. I'm about 5 hours in on my second playthrough (this happened during my first playthrough) and I am finding it very hard to want to carry on playing the game in terms of restarting again. Have really been enjoying up till now! Please patch this so that I may continue my adventures as Arthur. Thanks.
  4. Loaded into my game today, and as usual when I last saved out in the open, my game loaded me sitting on a bench. I cannot get off of the bench, my only control option is to wait. Waiting, logging out and reloading previous saves does not fix the issue. Any help or suggestions would be super appreciated cause as of right now, I can’t play the game at all...unless I can get off this stupid bench. Thx!
  5. Sat down on bench did not activate, was reading newspaper, an npc came & at sat on top of my character at which point the newspaper disappeared & i instead had option to "read [npc name]" at which time Arthur will read his newspaper. In fact more than 2 npc's sat on the same spot while i was seated there. The option to wait is present, however waiting does not change the inability to exit the bench, even waiting till night so the npc's are not around to occupy the bench. Game breaking stuff, have to revert to previous save point.
  6. I just recently started up my game from my last save, I am sitting on a bench but I cannot stand up. I can move the newspaper around and put it away. I have tried resetting the cache, looking down to try to promt the buttons to Show. I am currently doing The English Vice quest in the village. I am playing on the Xbox one My build is v1.1.69578
  7. Once I've saved and returned to menu I can no longer play that game. When I try to, all Arthur does is sit his lazy behind on a bench and reads the paper. It gives me the options to put away or stand up but nothing works. I can't pull up any menus either.
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