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  1. Hi all, On Monday, November 11th at 11am ET, update 1.9 of We Happy Few will drop on all platforms along with a little something else! We Happy Few 1.9 Release Notes Patch Summary This patch addresses general gameplay issues, and a few bugs that were happening in some encounters. General Bugs/Stability • When crafting with weapons as reagents, they no longer appear as fractions. Partial items can now be used to craft. • Fixed the bug that caused systemic NPC conversations and POI interactions to not trigger properly, not play audio or loop repeatedly. • NPCs no longer instantly stand-up and clip through their beds when startled by noise. • Female Wellies/Wastrels and Criers no longer lack lip sync when talking to them. • Dead NPCs don’t spawn alive anymore after loading into area. • Encounter-specific Bobbies no longer create a temporary loss of functionality when bribed. • Epilogue Cutscene: Performance issues no longer cause the final cutscene to hang and the audio to not be synchronized with the visuals. • Fixed the bug that caused fast travelling to the Shelter in the "Secondary St. George's Holm Hatch" to prevent the creation of a "Last Shelter Visited" save file. • Fire and smoke no longer clip through the wall on the second floor of the House of Doctors. • Hopscotch POI can no longer spawn under multiple assets on the sidewalks, fixing the bug where Wellies can clip through them as they hop across them. • Intro loading captions at the start of each character’s story no longer appear only in English. • DLC Specific: Custom difficulty no longer includes survival needs difficulty which is not present in the DLCs. • Missing SFX when navigating and selecting slots in the Load Game Menu are now in the game. • Placeholder textures for the Frying Pan, the Rolling Pin, Mother's Little Helper and The Double Plus Wood are no longer showing when they break. • Collision issues (sticky/stuck spots) are no longer present around the small fences along the 2 sides of the Thomasina House. • The Histoplasma hallucination music now plays without the Lightbearer DLC installed. • TNT no longer goes through floor when dropped. • HUD will no longer take between 5-30 seconds to update after a change in Status Effects or Health when a PC/console is starved of resources. • Uncle Jack (Wakey Wakey) collectible videos are no longer unlocked even when the radios are turned off. • Fixed the bug where video in pre-rendered cinematics could be delayed but not their audio, making them out of sync. • White Tree Park: NPCs no longer sit on top of each other on the benches. • Infinite loading when entering Act 2 after completing Arthur's playthrough is no longer happening.. Arcade Mode • All modes: NPCs no longer clutter in areas such as Cozy Tea Park. • All modes: Player does not see footprints of most NPCs while sneaking • All modes: Some NPC Wellies don't sit properly on the benches (clipping, floating and misaligned). • All modes: Honey can now be harvested from all Honey Bee Nests. • All modes: Encampment terrain now fits the terrain around it. • All modes: Last Shelter Visited is now saved in Village Hatches. • All modes: All Fast Travel Hatches now have their proper name. • Freeform: The street park is no longer floating a little above the ground. • Freeform: The 'Reset Skills' cheat is now functional. • Freeform: Old Fountain Park level no longer floats above the island • Freeform: Terrain is no longer floating in the Garden District. • Survival: Fixed stuck spots. • Survival: Performing a Save/Load inside the hidden room of Abbott Estate no longer causes the player to load back into a swarm of bees. • Survival: When 2 NPCs try to interact with the same object, one NPC no longer circles around the one that interacting with the object. • Survival: A Custom Waypoint is no longer present during the loading screen when starting a game in Survival Mode. • Survival: Water beside the bomb no longer cuts off abruptly. • Wellie: Items that cure certain status no longer have the bad ailments written twice under the item's description. • Wellie: No longer possible to have a negative number for the "Money Earned" at the end screen. • Wellie: A 'You Are Bleeding' message no longer appears on the intro screen. • Wellie: The string "Weapon Of Choice" at the Death screen no longer appears only in English. • Wellie: Infection no longer persists into the next round (now behaves like other status ailments). • Wellie: Money Earned stat is now accurate on the end game screen. • Wellie: The "Recent" sorting option now also apply to Wellie mode. Encounter Fixes • Arthur: No longer possible to get trapped inside the Mystery House grounds as the gate will only open when the histoplasma mushroom status effect is active. • Arthur: Office Workers in “Start Spreading the News” are no longer upstairs attempting to sit on the same couch. • Arthur: After Nick's bathroom electrocution cutscene, there is no longer a random assortment of items floating where player was standing. • Arthur: In the Faraday Cage, James no longer falls through the floor when startled. • Arthur: In the Still of the Night, Andy Alim will no longer teleport to or fall through the outhouse floor when getting up to attack Arthur. • Arthur: In A Malpractice of Doctors, performing a save/load inside any building separated by a loading (DSIR, Haworth Labs), and then progressing continuously to the Coconut Joy cutscene, without doing any other save/load no longer causes a blocker. • Ollie: Performing a Save/Load during the Jericho mission, at the Check out the Alarm objective, no longer causes Ollie and Margaret VO to stutter and repeat itself. • Ollie: The Uncle Jack video that plays in the lobby of the tower's subtitles no longer gets cut off in Japanese. • Sally: Small animation corruption after lowering the boat on the water is fixed. • Sally: Stuck spot between debris on the second floor to the left of the bed. PC Only • Game no longer becomes unresponsive when minimizing and re-opening the game multiple times during loading while on Fullscreen and without the pause in background option. • Game no longer becomes unresponsive when minimizing during the booting screen while on Fullscreen. Xbox Only • Suspending the title for an hour or longer will no longer kick the user back to the main menu with no in-game functionality on the gamepad.
  2. Hi everyone, We are happy to announce that update 1.8 is now live on Xbox One, PS4, Steam and GOG! We are aware of a specific issue that was specifically affecting PS4 users where there was a chance of the game crashing upon arriving in the Parade District, this issue has now been fixed with this update. Patch Summary This patch contains performance optimizations, crash fixes, fixes for progression blockers, fixes for gameplay and UI bugs, and localization fixes. Most importantly, this patch includes a significant improvement to the memory used in the game, fixing crashes and bugs that were happening in the Parade District on all platforms but especially on PS4. General Bugs/Stability • Fixed a crash that was happening when the player would greet another character while they had equipped pickup. • Fixed out of memory crash that would occur on certain world seeds in the Parade District. • Fixed "Busy" warning message when trying to either "Quit" or "Return to the main menu" while in an area of the game where it is not possible to save. “Cannot save” text now clarifies that saving is disabled in these areas. • Fixed a bug where characters could get stuck inside NPCs when shoving them in a corner and crouching inside them when they get up. • Fixed UI message prompts when quitting a DLC game that were misleading, as it appeared to the player that progress had not been saved. • Fixed Game Settings: Lighting no longer restores to "medium" upon restarting game. • Fixed heavy flickering when selecting a DLC icon with the mouse and changing the selection with the keyboard. • Fixed pressing Back and Confirm simultaneously in the Arcade or DLC menus led to a story menu that has no background. • Fixed the absence of background image or music on game details page on function screen. • Fixed some settings reverting to their default value after restarting the game. • Fixed subtitles being truncated with certain settings. • Fixed when choosing the "Revert Changes" option in the HUD option menu, the joy HUD icon was set to off by default. Arcade Mode • Freeform: Fixed the Gameplay sub-window getting cropped when choosing High NPC Density on certain languages. • Freeform: Fixed the description of the mode being truncated when playing in 21:9. • Freeform: Moving between the white backyard tables and the stone wall behind them no longer causes Arthur to remain permanently trapped. • Freeform: All item names in the Crafting Menu with a status effect icon in their descriptions are no longer truncated. • Freeform: While in the Holy Yam zone, you can no longer see under the map. • Freeform: Fatigue, hunger and thirst meters used not to deplete once they were filled to 100%, but they now do. • Freeform: Total Score stat is now accurate on End Match screen. • All modes: Island names are now localized. • Freeform: Starting a game as a character other than Arthur, and then starting another new game as Arthur now actually starts with Arthur instead of the first character chosen. • Survival: Hunger and Thirst survival needs now fully deplete on the easy difficulty. • Survival: Current location is now displayed in all languages. • Survival: Strings are no longer truncated in the Crafting Screen. • Survival: Introduction text is no longer truncated. • Survival: Floating phone booths no longer spawn in the Garden District. • Survival: Islands can no longer be generated with several holes inside them. • Survival: The "Boat Capacitors" are no longer referred to as "Power Cells" in the final statistics screen. • All modes: Island names no longer change or are no longer missing after the first Save/Load. • All modes: Subtitles from Arthur death screen can no longer be seen overlapping the game over screen when playing in another language than English. • Wellie mode: The description of the mode is now completely inside the text box when playing in 21:9. • Wellie mode: The end of round tip telling the player to enter a popper no longer persists to the next night. Encounter Fixes • Arthur - Cult of Jack: Looting one chest before triggering the cutscene with the fake Uncle Jack no longer causes the quest to be impossible to complete. • Arthur - Future Perfect: Returning to the main menu as the “Get the Frammistat” objective appears no longer causes the player to load back in without an objective active. • Arthur - An Awkward Courtship: The Cleaver no longer spawns during the first phase of the Encounter and so cannot be picked up and break progression. • Arthur - Joy Factory: FPS no longer gets very low when near the green goo being released to the right-side of the Joy Factory. • Arthur - Parade - Future Perfect: Dying right after talking to the director no longer causes multiple issues leading to progression breaks. • Arthur - Slaughterer's Apprentice: Performing a save/load while the package is mounted and ready to sabotage no longer prevents mounting the package again. • Arthur - Sandbox - Survival: NPCs cannot close the metal shutter of the rear entrance of Lawrence Residence anymore when they lose aggro and return to their position. • Arthur - Mother's Little Helper: Performing a save/load after interacting with the diary but before defeating Mrs Chaney no longer prevents the player from completing the quest. • Ollie - No Place like Home: Dying right after giving Victoria her pills no longer causes the player to get stuck on the Death screen. • Ollie - The Jack-o-Bean Club: Streaming out the encounter instead of picking up the fire extinguisher no longer causes it to be non-interactive. • Sally - So Foul and Faraday: Fixed issue preventing Nick's Hideout from being accessed on a specific worldseed. • Sally - Don't Cry Over Tinned Milk: Dying near Lionel's shop after speaking to him no longer causes the game to crash. • Sally - Don't Cry Over Tinned Milk: Dying near Sally's alley after crafting baby milk no longer causes the game to crash. • Sally - Millihelen: Returning to the Main menu as the Cultists start to drink a poisoned cup, no longer causes the game to crash. • Sally - Bad Dreams: Performing a save/load inside Mr. Ramsay's house no longer causes Sally to respawn under the terrain and die. Xbox Only • Added graphic options. Gamma can now be adjusted. UWP Only • Game now pauses when minimized. Playstation 4 Only • Added graphic options. Gamma can now be adjusted. • Arthur - A Malpractice of Doctors: the game no longer frequently crashes when save game option is greyed out over an extended period of game play and navigating through the DSIR. • Platinum Trophy is now localized. • "Jack The Nipper" weapon electricity particle effect no longer draws a vertical line when the player swings. • The camera no longer clips through the Bee Cannon while the player harvests bees. • Trophy Pack for DLC is no longer labeled incorrectly. • Balloons now have the correct texture. • Survival: Black terrain textures no longer appear through the world on PS4. Known issues • We have identified an issue where the navmesh generation sometimes hits the maximum number of tiles, which can cause NPCs to behave in strange ways (including potentially blocking progression). This has been fixed on PC but is still live - although rare - on PS4 and Xbox One. It can be fixed by returning to the menu and reloading your save. We are preparing a small hotfix with the intent of fixing this issue next week.
  3. An update for We Happy Few will be rolling out later tonight on Xbox One! You can read the full notes, as well as notes for the already-released PS4 and PC updates, here: https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004489086-We-Happy-Few-XB1-Update-and-Hotfix-Info
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