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  1. Congratulations to the team for making it to full release! I purchased the Early Access version of the game perhaps a year ago or more. I played at varied points in time and enjoyed the progression of the story, as well as the gameplay mechanics. I enjoy being part of the testing community and interacting with the devs about their game. Unfortunately, the market seems to expect the hard work the team has done to be given to them for free, and while the plans of development and launch changed over time, the passion at Compulsion has always been true. I'm thankful to have received the full version at the Early Access price and will be happy to purchase the Season Pass to support the team in maintaining this game as well as creating future experiences. I just wanted to make a post of appreciation for what Compulsion has given us, for the team and way they interacted with us, and for being honest about the process along the way. So happy you guys get to see your product live in the hands of thousands of players. 'Grats team! We love you ❤️
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