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  1. Ever since the last update, my game has been crashing A LOT. It's really hard to say what might be triggering the crashes because it can literally happen any time; it's not consistent. Currently I am working on Sally's "Ex Cathedra" quest and am trying to catch butterflies in the train station. The crashes are making the game almost unplayable - they happen frequently, the game takes FOREVER to reload, and then I've lost butterflies that I just caught so I have to do it all over again. I'm on build 1.572492 and when the crashes happen the screen freezes, I hear a brief sound like something is stuck, and then it kicks back to the Xbox home screen. Any input is appreciated.
  2. Specific details on what you were doing when it happened (To help replicate it) - I just finished beating the Plough Boys and am trying to deliver all of the packages. I’ve loaded and reloaded the game, but one of the Impatient People is not in front of her house to receive her package. I’ve searched in and around her house. I may have murdered her now that I think about it... The platform you are playing on (Steam/GOG/Xbox One/PS4/etc) Xbox And the current build you are playing (This is found in the bottom right of the main menu/pause screen) Build v1.572492 As I typed this, I realized that I may have strangled her. Is there anyway to still complete this task if I’ve made her unconscious...? ?
  3. During the "Get Out!" portion of the Cub Reporter quest, I find myself stuck within Gemma's study. I began with investigating the wall of clues, then picked up as many notes as I could find before opening up the vent cover. After crawling into the vent, I found that I couldn't climb up the vent shaft as soon as it started to slope upward. I tried a combination of things, such as trying to blast myself backward to try and push myself up the shaft and removing clothing in case something was clipping with the top of the vent, but none of it seemed to work. I'm playing We Happy Few on Steam, and I found this bug in earlier builds but I came back from a hiatus of the game and it's still a problem in the current build of v1.5.72378. I did record a little under a minute of footage trying to climb up the ventilation shaft. Hopefully that helps, because I haven't found any other people posting about this particular bug. We Happy Few - Cub Reporter Bug.mp4
  4. Hi, since some time Arthur is can not walk, run, jump and push people anymore, he is moving slower than a turtle. There's a red sign saying "libs" and i assume that i am to fat /carrying to many stuff. I think i saw a hint saying this. If this is the case i would like to store some stuff in the air-pressure thingy but i have no idea where the next one is. Even if i knew it would take one hour to reach it because i am so slow now :( I am in the level with the railway station. Can someone please tell me what to do? Thank you in advance :)
  5. I'm in Sally's playthrough and I'm on the quest Squaring the Circle (objective Travel to the Wedding Party Stones). Every time I approach the group of people who are making poison and the cut scene starts, the game crashes and kicks me out. I'm playing on Xbox One, build 1.572492. The crash happens while the cut scene is playing but not necessarily at the same point every time. It's about 7:45 p.m. game time when I approach. Any advice will be appreciated.
  6. I'm playing on Xbox One, and I'm not sure if I'm stuck or if this is a bug. Its telling me to enter the broadcast tower, but when I go up to the constable he doesnt let me in even tho I've done the hostile takeover quest.
  7. There's an NPC that I keep encountering in The Parade - I don't know his name; it doesn't put a name up when I hover the cursor over him like it does every other character in the game. He's tall and lanky and wearing a green hat and a trench coat. He is in one of the cut scenes with another NPC when Hostile Takeover ends and Future Perfect begins. He wanders around The Parade and any time he sees me will say something like, "Ahhh, you thought you were invisible, didn't you?" and then attacks me. Sometimes he just pops up out of nowhere and attacks me; a minute ago I was finishing House Call and had just gone through the crawl space on the conveyor belt and he was in the building when I came out the other side and immediately attacked me. Sometimes there will be 4 or 5 of him walking down the street at a time. I can barely walk from spot to spot now as I'm being attacked by the entire city every 3 minutes. Is this supposed to happen? Who IS this guy and why is he attacking me every time he sees me?! There aren't nearly as many places to hide in The Parade so I die pretty much every time and it's getting incredibly frustrating.
  8. I was in the middle of Future Perfect and had just investigated the machines. The new objectives of finding the missing parts popped up and I started exploring downstairs (where the machines are). I pushed the button on the wall to open a door, entered the small room area (kind of looks like an elevator), pushed another button, and the game crashed. It briefly showed a loading screen but then exited completely to the Xbox home screen. When I re-started the game, my objectives were gone. The quest now shows the completed progress I have made so far but shows no open objectives of finding the parts. As I found the parts, each part's objective came up and was checked off. Now I have all 3 parts and no new objectives. I am unable to repair the machines. When I approach the machines, nothing happens and I can not interact with them at all. I've tried exiting without saving and restarting but it didn't change anything. Any advice will be appreciated. I'm on build 1.471195 on Xbox One.
  9. Xbox One 1Tb, 2015 Version: unsure, likely the v1.4 Just a small bug, but could be troubling if certain NPC's are aggro'd. I had entered St. George's Holm on the way to see Sally. I upset a doctor on the way and ended up running outside the city limits to escape the crowd. I then found an opening to get back on the street much farther down on the island. (Think gaps in the tight rows of housing leading to the edges of the water.) When I entered the street and into the butcher's shop, his red Bobby instantly aggro'd on me and drew a crowd which I ran outside the city limits again to avoid. I tested it a few times and realized when I got within view of anyone it would be instant suspicion/aggro. The fix was to simply die to the angry mob, and it seemed to reset their trigger.
  10. I downloaded the game via Play Anywhere but none of the achievements are popping. Has anyone else had this issue? I haven't seen any reports of it so I'm wondering if it is just on my end.
  11. It’s marked on my map, but the shutters are closed and I can’t get in to do the quest. It won’t even trigger at all. Thanks in advance.
  12. Lovely day for it! I have a broken gas mask and after looking it up I believe I have all the items needed to repair it. But when I look for where to craft or how to fix it I can't find 'how to' anywhere. Was there a blueprint I was supposed to pick up somewhere? Is it a basic crafting item that should already be in my inventory? If so it's not there. Any help is appreciated, thanks much.
  13. Hello! I am experiencing pretty bad frame drops playing the latest version of the game. I have tried tweaking with the in-game settings, but no luck so far fixing the issue. Looking at the recommended SPECS for the game; i would say that my system is overqualified. I have installed the latest graphics drivers from NVIDIA. My BIOS is updated, and so is my chipset. Here are my system SPECS: https://imgur.com/EfImnJv Thanks in advance. PS: This is not me saying i dont enjoy the game (its so much fun) - i would just enjoy it more if the frames were steady. Stunningly looking though on the highest settings!
  14. I mistakenly interacted with the track access hatch too early during the A Model Citizen side quest, and now I can’t clear the objective to complete the quest because I can no longer interact with the hatch. Playing build v1.3.70168
  15. I've been attempting to do the play through for the apple tree murders quest for a few days now. Before I had saved and exited the game, I had already picked up the "sabatoged gas masks" from the two bobbies and gotten the note left at the crime scene ontop of the crate. When I later loaded the game, it continues to show that I need to "examine the two gas masks" which I'm unable to do as both are in my inventory and I cannot remove them as they are quest items. It also still wants me to "examine the crime scene" which I am also unable to do as I had already examined and picked up everything at the site. I am unable to progress in the game because of this, please advise.
  16. PS4. Will not let me equip pituitary extractor to finish the quest. I have gotten the doctor extract, now I need Bobby and crier extract. It won’t let me bring it out. I’m still currently playing as Arthur.
  17. I have 2 expansion kits and every time I try to use one it won’t go through Is there a limit to how much you can carry or is this a bug
  18. When I go to read through my notes, none of my notes after the Mystery Note that reads "Each one of them reads, in exquisite calligraphy, 'you've come to the end of your time,'" are appearing in the Notes section. I've tried restarting the game, but I'm still unable to scroll down and view the rest of the notes. The scroll bar is also indicating that I have more notes left to read (and so is the notification bar). It looks like someone has recreated the bug on YouTube, and I'm going to link it here:
  19. The Chest you put the sacrificial bricks into is fully inside of the rock next to the area I can’t access the chest and I tried reloading with no luck I don’t want to restart the entire game to get to this part and have the same thing happen again also why can’t I start the game at the different character stories. I’m on ps4.
  20. So i have done the cat burglar trophy/achievement in thomasina house (the one with all those old ladys and the cat statues) but i completely missed that there was a memory in there that i need, i went back to get it after i had done the quest but its covered in metal shutters and i cant get in at all, i dont want to have to start the game again for one mask ahh, any help? Im not 100% sure if it is a bug but i must be able to get back in, right?
  21. After a nice meal of 11 rotten apples, I contracted Fatal Food Poisoning, (Duh.) Only problem is now I can't cure it. At all. I've drowned myself in Neximide and Sick Up Tea, I've tried messing with filling my hunger and hydration, I've tried sleeping multiple times but I can't cure it no matter what, so I assume it's a bug.
  22. I failed the basement part of the Butcher's Apprentice questline and it put me back to the part where you have to make the meat cakes and sabotage the machine. The problem is that I can't get a new part to break the machine with and I don't have a previous save before this to revert back to. I asked in the Discord and was told to enable the console using the Input.ini file. However, my input.ini and all the other .ini files are all blank. The game runs just fine cause I'm playing it now, but I can't enable the console and when I save the code to enable it then run the game it just deletes that code and I open it back to a blank file. Playing on PC with build v.1.3.70168
  23. Hi, Further to the issues mentioned by others I've hit a dead stop it seems I'm in the Parade District on an Australian (PAL) PS4 running 5.56 System Version and WHF 1.02 displayed but 1.3.70168 in pause menu I seem to be able to load my 3 saves where I am next to the access hatch or out in the streets but I have 2 saves in the Health Institute that will crash out as Arthur is standing up and exclaiming that 'the joy just broke something in her mind, i wonder if it was bad joy etc...' The first of those 2 Health Institute saves is Arthur hiding in a broom cupboard down the stairs behind the main glass bowl secretaries desk (best way I could describe it) its a manual save as I was done for the night..... when loading that save I see 2 full cycles of the load animation with the man in the hat starting in a typing office the uncle jack laughing 2nd save is an auto save, which would have been from completing the quest and being told to leave the Health Institute, crashed during the riot. I also get 2 cycles when trying to load that game too before it crashed. I was able to complete the Future Perfect quest twice which other seems to be having issues with But I do have the bug where I am asked to activate the already activated hatch in the Parade and Hive Mind is broken same as most others. Cheers
  24. I was playing We happy few on my PC through steam when the game disappeared and was replaced with a screen all in Japanese (or Asian characters) now it starts up in whatever language it is. I'm playing on a Intel i7 8700K core on z370 aorus ultra gaming 2.0 nvidia 1070 gigabyte. all I really need is directions how to change the language back to English. Isn't that setting in a script file somewhere for all steam games? Thanks!
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