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Found 33 results

  1. I'm playing on Xbox One, and I'm not sure if I'm stuck or if this is a bug. Its telling me to enter the broadcast tower, but when I go up to the constable he doesnt let me in even tho I've done the hostile takeover quest.
  2. I had just finished collecting all the memories and quite a few of the uncle jack videos. But I opened we happy few today just to listen to the nice intro music and watch a few uncle jack videos when I discovered that in the theater menu, it said I had zero out of eighty eight! I'm not sure if it's possible to get these back, but if anyone knows how, please tell me as soon as possible!!!!
  3. When playing as Ollie on the ps4, the jolliest brolly and least jolly brolly recipes dont appear in the crafting menu? I didnt have this issue for Sally or Arthur.
  4. i finally got into the Parade side and as I try to walk down the road my game will freeze and make a humming sound. Soon after my game will crash and go to my home screen. I'm playing on my Xbox One Counsel. Is there any chance this will be fixed and if so will I have to start from the beginning for the 3rd time?
  5. V1.4.71201 Yesterday the PlayStation notified me that it updated the game file, and now when I try to load my game I can't play. After the loading screen it's just black. There's still map symbols, my quick equip options in the corner, and subtitles, but i can't move or open my inventory or see anything. I've exited out of the game and gone back in, and tried a different save file, nothing has worked. Any way to fix this?
  6. So, during the mission to save Eddie from the Yam Cult, I got spotted after I spiked the first cup. The cultist drank it, then I got killed. I respawned, went back, now one of the cultists is missing, 4/5 cultists down and I'm stuck with a marker that is just floating over the ground.
  7. Running the latest version ps4, I cant activate the electrocuted safe house even thouvh I completed it. And I cant turn the light on or activate the safe house after that even after turning the wheel (the dark one witb the plague people). Hopefully that avoided some spoilers. But I the only places I can fast travel too now are in the very beginning and its a real pain. Please help.
  8. I "collected" a new uncle Jack story last night so when I finished my session I went to the main menu to the Theatre to watch it again... it was the ONLY collectible in there. There was nothing else, all had gone. I had about 50 in there previously. I tried different save games, I tried clearing the app cache (PC Windows Store version) to force a save game re-sync but no go. This was 12 - 14 hours into a 2nd playthrough because the 1st playthrough had so many bugged quests I abandoned it. Is there any point me starting yet another playthrough at this stage? When do refunds become an option?
  9. Help! My jolly brolly grew legs and walked away! Not really but it is actually gone. My ability to craft one is also gone, it’s like I never had one at all ?
  10. I am on the Faraday Cage mission. I have completed (with an hour or so of frustration) collecting the bucket of mortilene, brought it back to the lab and now have the extractor. I managed to extract the car in Faradays yard but when I go to the other cars (near Old Luds Home Station and the car near the tree house) I am able to use the took but it doesn't actually extract anything!! I can do it multiple times but still get the option to extract the car over and over again. I am totally stuck in the game. Please tell me that I am not the only one ?
  11. So after the game crashed while moving from Castershire's shop to my next quest, I can no longer play the game. Upon startup, I'm caught at a perpetual loading screen at the title. I can skip the introduction and whatnot but afterwards all I am left with is the streets of Wellington Wells, the game's logo and a loading animation directly under it. It's been over 3 hours since this happened. I've reinstalled the game twice, backed up my save data and tried starting from scratch, as well as verified the files through the Steam application, all to no avail. I can't play my buggy 60$ game anymore. Please help.
  12. I loaded up my game and it told me to go to the broadcast tower so I did and then it told me to do it again and I’ve looked up the quest and the quest to go into the place with all the machines and the workers won’t appear even when I go into the building but it still lets me pick up the valve ect but won’t let me use anything so I can’t unquarantine anything so I can’t progress with the story? Is this a bug for other people I’m gonna try and load a save before it if it have one. It would be helpful ignored the devs allowed us to no clip like the alpha for things like this not working
  13. I ordered the time capsule and the box it came in was pretty busted up, now it seems that I'm unable to get the alarm clock it comes with to light up with the blue blacklight. There's no mention of it in the instructions, so I'm not sure if it's a function you can turn on/off? I've watched unboxing videos for it and sometimes it has the blue light, sometimes not. So confused. I really hope I don't have to go through returns, this sold out in Canada like same day so I had to get it shipped all the way from the states and pay like double for this already! :'(
  14. Just Give Up and give us our refunds. You tried.. and failed. I'm done waiting for the crash problems to be fixed. You're lucky that No one has thought of suing you yet.
  15. Hi all, my pre-ordered ps4 boxed copy of WHF did not contain a code for the Jolly Brolly. Anyone else have this problem? I submitted a ticket to gearbox who advised to return to the first safe house and check stash. I did that but it wasn't there. Disappointed.
  16. Platform: PC ? (Steam) v.1.169866* Mode: ACT II - Sally / Normal Player: Italian (Early Access Native) Gameplay: Exploration of secondary missions and areas, understanding of history and game mechanics *WARNING: CG will release a We Happy Few hotfix soon, so I hope this topic will help developers to see further notes that have escaped the revisions. In the Sally act I did not find any bugs that prevented me from completing all the proposed missions, however there were countless situations of graphic glitches more or less serious to solve (maybe they are due to the system of generating worlds). Moreover, compared to Arthur I found more omissions of translation in non-Anglo-Saxon languages, seeing the dialogue still in English. I used the steam screenshots, but some parts did not come to photograph them. Further verification of translated and non-translated texts will follow in the future. QUESTS COMPLETED Goodbye to all that / Alterations / What have we buried / Flower Picking / Bring out your dead / The vandals took the handle / wild picnic / mine mine all mine / peachy's final mission / Bad Dreams / Wakey wakey / Don't gry over tinned milk / Keep the home fires burning / Baby Feeder / Home cooking / Baby transport / Ouf, damn spots / connect te dots / Millihelen / Ratholm / Bad chemistry / Gland of hope and glory / The weird sisters / Hope chest / Squaring the circle / Reservations / Ex cathedra / The framers / The salty dog / So dfoul and Faraday / Unsafe house / A sea change GRAPHIC GLITCHES Priority: In "Reservations" the window is aesthetically barred, but you can actually cross it. I discovered it only thanks to the interaction of the space bar, but I felt stuck at that moment. The model of the wooden planks must be removed from the open window. Some butterflies in Maidenholm and St. George remain visible in the parks although they have already been harvested. There were a lot of graphical glitches (there are many on YT) about the positions of the NPCs, even when patrolling an area they suddenly disappeared to reappear later at the staging point. Example in Nick House LOCALIZATION ERRORS Maybe it's a problem with the internal files, and it's not that (functionally speaking) prevents you from completing the game, but for those who do not speak fluent English it's quite annoying to have untranslated parts in the final version of the game. It therefore requires greater attention in reporting the lines of text and correcting them, perhaps their own prizes to the help of the community. Here are some recurring examples. Not everyone speaks English ? Urgent: the subtitles of the kinematics in which Sally discovers that Gwen has the measles is not displayed. FEEDBACK NOTES When automatic milk is installed, Gwen becomes completely independent. I can understand, however, that it becomes milk, but I do not understand why it also becomes for the diaper. It is necessary to give the milk manually to make the need for diaper change appear in Gwen, which makes the situation somewhat inconsistent. it would therefore be advisable for Gwen to solve the milk problem only, while for the diaper it may be better if it occurs simply less often than what can happen without automatic milk. What Sally propose the bag even before the servant really sounds very unnatural, but maybe it is you who is very farsighted. Maybe it's time to make this tick needs only after solving the mission of the ingredients for blackberry. I can understand the choices of direction on the variations of events between Arthur and Sally on how they meet, but I would like to know if it is a choice to make sure that in the Arthur Act there is no mention of the girl in their last meeting while in the Sally Act she confesses to Arthur of Gwen and this ignores him: perhaps every act exclusively takes the perception of each character? Did not Arthur really hear Sally telling her about the baby? I noticed a strange map formation at st.George: is it expected to happen or was it just a case? I personally like this double-lane square, but I wanted to know for sure if it was a premeditated setting in the generation of worlds or it was a (pleasant) case. The Sally pituitary extractor is very useful as a weapon, but I wonder if it is consistent that functions without the need for an empty can to contain the pituitary. Often I have made more use of the extractor than KO syringes and I wonder if this thing is not too "comfortable" to do. Both with Sally and Arthur I quickly reached the maximum limit of the expandable inventory, and I would like to ask if it is not the case to automatically convert the object into pieces of cloth, just to make it more useful in its use. I noticed too often NPC that remain impaled doing nothing is in the Garden District that in the Village, they simply stand still staring at one point. In the village I noticed many, too many similar grannies. I ask therefore if it is not the case to create more color palettes for them, they all look like clones. Add some pastel colors, also to make them visibly different, while at Thomasina House leave them all the same white color as a uniform, but with different shades in the hair (gray on the brown, on dark gray etc.). Small note from the gameplay of Arthur: why Madame Wanda is white and not red as in the gameplay in Early access? Frankly I find it both right and consistent that you return in its warm colors, even to distinguish it better in the game. The thing is not consistent for doctors and bobbies as not being civilians wear a uniform, justifying their appearance as clones. About the compliments machines: why can not we steal the batteries from them and rely on them as unseemly public action? Further note the death: there is no handicap in dying, even at times is also an advantage in doing so to escape from an awkward situaizone. However, I would like to suggest as a penalty the loss of skill points (1 or more depending on the difficulty selected) or the halving of the HP of consumption resources. for example, if we had a 100% hp weapon, after death we could find it at 50%. and the same is the picklock, crowbar etc. NEXT TEST STEPS OK Act 1 Arthur - Normal mode (test of missions and setting) here OK Act 2 Sally - Normal mode (test of missions and setting) NEXT STEP Act 3 Ollie - Normal mode (test of missions and setting) SOON Difficult mode (AI test, Combat system, stealth and survival at the highest levels) SOON Easy mode (Further notes on missions, texts and location)
  17. I am playing We Happy Few on Xbox One. The Build is v1.1.69578 . I hope I don’t sound angry in this post! I bought the game when it first released as a game preview and I have loved it since! I have encountered many bugs, but I had never stopped me from playing. Currently, I have put the game down due to these bugs because my current play data is unplayable. I hope you guys can find a resolution to these bugs soon so I can get back to playing! Thank you guys for all your hard work! Bug #1 - I cannot save outside. If I save outside, Arthur spawns a nearby bench. And when ever he spawns in a bench, I do not get the option for him to stand up. I can read the newspaper, but that is it. This only happens when I load a data and he starts off sitting on a bench, otherwise this does not happen during sitting while in-game. This makes the saved game useless as I am unable to move the character. I have lost hours on this game due to saving outside. This happens in every part of the map. If he spawns on a bench when I load the game, I am stuck there. (I do not have a picture of this) Bug # 2 - (May contain spoilers) I am so stuck in The Parade. I finished Future Perfect and saved my game sometime after when I started on “A Malpractice of Doctors” quest. For some reason, Aurthur spawned in the Department of Science and Industrial Research. I am now stuck inside the the giant room where Richard Arkwright’s office is. All doors are closed. I can pull the lever to start up the machine and it begins and ends the Future Perfect quest once again (even though it was marked as completed previously), but nothing really happens. I am stuck in the room. (First Picture) Bug # 3 - In an attempt the fix the previous problem, I had loaded a save from the most recent shelter I have visited. For some reason, it has started up Model Citizen again and my last objective says I need to “activate the track access hatch” for this quest even though the hatch has been accessed. (Second Picture)
  18. Hi, i bought the ps4 deluxe edition of we happy few, when i reedemeed the season pass code it didn't make me download it, if i put it the code again it says thanks your promotional code has been reedemed but no download...i know i dont have the content because if i go to the game page to buy the season pass it doesnt say i already own it.... The game is CUSA09424 and my account is italian....no problems with the jolly brolly code
  19. Game is wonderful but framerate makes it unplayable ( Xbox One X ) is no one check the game before release? how it is possible? I am very upset Compulsion games i don't play until this frame problem solved.
  20. I have had my xbox one x since day one. It is the project scorpio edition. I play for 5 to 12 hours a day about 5 days out of the week. I've never had a problem with my xbox one x shutting down until I played We Happy Few. Every time I go to upgrade a workshop my xbox shuts down. When I go to boot it back up it says that my xbox overheated. I'll touch my xbox and its warm but not hot. Doesn't matter if I am playing the game for 5 minutes or 5 hours, it always shuts down my xbox when I go to upgrade a workshop. Anyone else having this problem?
  21. Hey guys, I know you’re working hard but after the game crashed while in the parade I can no longer load any of the save files I have in there. My hand is forced and really don’t want to start new again as I have 15 hours invested already and don’t want another 15 hours to just move on to Sally. Is there any kinda of eta or progress you could share with addressing this bug? I know several others have reported it too. On the PS4 and it is the latest build, Thank you in advance
  22. This has to be a bug, right? I'm trying to go to the other area of Lud's Holm and the bridge is just like this. I walk down it and the water instant kills me. I was actually enjoying this game but this has completely destroyed my progress. This is on PS4 btw.
  23. This game has been nothing but bugs since I started playing ... it consistently crashes, the padded suit does not protect me from bees, I am unable to craft a boiler suit or rubber cat suit and I have no idea how to progress the main story quests past maidenholm ... I’ve already restarted the play through and I keep experiencing the same and if not even more bugs as I play through ... I waited so long for this game and all Ive received is disappointment and frustration! Please help!
  24. So I see information both here and where you can submit a ticket for both PC and Xbox support, but nothing specific to PS4? Is there no help for PS4 or is this just an oversight? IF there is full support for PS4, why is there no information or suggestions listed for issues relating to that system? Thanks!
  25. I just encountered the Headboys. When I die and it attempts to reload my last savw file I crash to the dashboard. Upon restart my local file is corrupted and I am forced to download my last Cloud save. I have had to do this repeatedly. I came here to let Compulsion and other players knoulw about this issue, since my workaround wont work if someone doesnt have Plus or fails to enable auto upload. Anyone else have this issue or is it just my dumb luck?
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