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Found 4 results

  1. I have played through everyone up to Ollie with no issues. But this bee quest had driven me insane. The bee cannon wouldnt let me release the bees, I saw this was a common issue so I went to collect more bees, BUT IT WONT LET ME DO THAT EITHER. I have tried every button on my ps4 controller and tried 3 different bee trees. It doesnt even give me the option to. I dont know how to fix it or what to do, but I can even continue on with the story...someone please help. My build is v1.572580
  2. On the mission “SO FOUL AND FARADAY” after collecting the unicorn song, I’ve traveled to Faraday’s lab, once I’m at the door, it says “locked”. I’m not confusing it with the other door that says “jammed”. I know that’s not possible to get in to. I’m playing on PS4. I’ve tried saving and re-loading, coming back at different times of the day, travelling to another city and back. Nothing I do seems to work. Any ideas or tips on what I could do to resolve the issue? I’ve done every other side quest possible so the only thing for me to do now is this mission. Since I’ve been stuck and had no other alternatives, I had to take a break from the game in hope that there might be and update to fix the issues. I’ve come back a month later and still the same thing is happening. Let me know if any ideas come to mind please. Cheers Kris
  3. So I'm trying to return the Unicorn song and all of Faraday's doors are locked. I can't find any way in and have no other quests I can complete. I've loaded past saves and it continues to fail at the same point.
  4. Version- PS4 Build- 1.6 Not sure if this has been reported, but here it goes. After talking with Sally and the cutscene fades, Arthur begins a new scene with the "I made an arse out of myself" line, but there is no audio. When the gang busts in, they act their lines and no audio is heard, even during the gameplay fight no other sound came from the men as I fought them. *Additionally, meeting with the constable outside of the ally also had no sound. Speaking with characters only generates a wave of Arthur's hand and the NPC, such as the constable, to walk in place.