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  1. good job with the game guys,thanks! i'm enjoying it for 5 hours now. but please fix a little bit more the framerate,sometimes is not good at all.thanks for your time!
  2. Ever since the last update, my game has been crashing A LOT. It's really hard to say what might be triggering the crashes because it can literally happen any time; it's not consistent. Currently I am working on Sally's "Ex Cathedra" quest and am trying to catch butterflies in the train station. The crashes are making the game almost unplayable - they happen frequently, the game takes FOREVER to reload, and then I've lost butterflies that I just caught so I have to do it all over again. I'm on build 1.572492 and when the crashes happen the screen freezes, I hear a brief sound like something is stuck, and then it kicks back to the Xbox home screen. Any input is appreciated.
  3. Machine: Xbox One 1TB Version: 1.4.7 Arthur's chapter went very well! Only crashed once or twice. Sally's chapter, however, is a bit buggier. Bugs so far: Frequent Game Crashing: This is different than the crashing experienced pre-1.4. The screen usually goes black, there's no audio, and it eventually kicks me to the home screen. It usually accompanies a message from XBL asking if I have rights to the game, to insert the disc, or to purchase the game to own it. This might be a problem on Microsoft's side, but I thought it was worth mentioning. I do not currently own a paid XBL membership. Loading Screens: It seems Sally's world is very resource heavy. I go a few blocks from her door and I'm hit with a loading screen. A few more blocks, another loading screen. They're most frequent in the Joy districts. See-Through Walls? It's possible that one of the walls in her house is see-through, reminiscent of the bug with the Thomasina house. The up side is NPCs can't se me, but if someone is dead inside Sally's lab they react outside on the street. [old lady angrily yodeling] Failed to Start: While changing the nappy, the game froze. No audio cues of a crash, just frozen. I manually quit the game, and upon trying to load it the Xbox threw an error about the game taking too long to start. Then my Xbox restart. Might be on their end, not sure. I'll take notes as I play and either add to this list or create another thread once I get farther into things. Keep in mind all of this has happened within 1-2 hours of Act II, so I haven't made much progress at all.
  4. Just wanted to say that the quest is bugged! - I grabbed my things and hid, nothing happened, he didn't spawn - I'm in the technicolor update - I can't get the console to open/work regardless of settings - I tried to put things back into the locker and hide again, nothing. - I can hear the butcher rumbling around upstairs for a few seconds when I first spawn in but then nothing. - I can hit e on the ladder but nothing happens Thanks!
  5. I have two major complaints regarding We Happy Few (my version is Deluxe btw, I don't know if it matters but still...). 1. A lot of residences in Eel Pie Holm are rendered without walls. I can see through all of them, but when I get close, there is the invisible wall. 2. Apart from excessive loading, some of them suddenly show up in the middle of struggles. There was a time in Maidenholm where I was running away from the angry people and BAM! Loading screen. And for my surprise, it didn't prevent NPCs to attack me. When the loading finished, I was almost dead (my "healthbar" was a skull). 3. I'm not sure if this one is actually a bug but here it goes. I have advanced to the second checkpoint from the Mysterious Chest mission. However after the "day or two" required by the quest to advance, when I get to the chest it requires to be lockpicked again, and once opened it releases a swarm of bees, resetting the mission. It has happened more than three times. Thanks in advance.
  6. My game crashes every time i attempt to leave the first level the cutscene where my character first lifts the hatch freezes and crashes un able to pass this section
  7. Hello! I have had this game downloaded for over a year or so and love it ? so this is a more recent issue, the past two weeks when I go to load the game it crashes the Xbox. I click the game, the music will play or sometimes not, then the Xbox shuts off. Sometimes it turns back on by it’s self sometimes I’ll have to turn it back on. But this only happens when I try and load this game, no other games have given the Xbox problems. Not sure if this is happening to other people but thought I would share.
  8. Xbox One 1Tb, 2015 v1.3.70173 Post-update I'm now only able to load from a Last Shelter Visited save, and once that happens the Save Game option in the menu is greyed out. This becomes a problem as the game is still frequent to crashing the Parade district. I noticed under my build version there's another string of numbers following a "WS:", does that have something to do with it?
  9. I have been waiting for this game for a while now, along with many people, and love the game when it works, which has been rare lately. Game is constantly crashing or freezing when fast traveling, doing certain actions, or when traveling certain routes. When I noticed a route was crashing I would take a different way, but now I have no other option because I’m doing the main quest line for Arthur and there’s only one way forward. I’m trying to get to the lab and right before I get to the bridge it crashes. I’ve tried multiple times and it is the same result. I don’t want to start over. Other times I noticed it crashing was like I said when I try fast traveling, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Crashes at random. The other time I noticed is when you blow the bobby whistle the game freezes. Can we expect an update soon to fix all of these crashing issues, I would love to get back to the game. Thanks!!
  10. hi, so i have a few issues with the game so far but mainly its the frame rate. the frame rate drops anytime i am near any town. it drops when i am garden district around the buildings a bit but when i am in the main towns were the cops are and the buildings new and everywhere the frame rate is so bad that it just takes you out of it completely. i dont understand how it can be so bad when in game preview it ran quite well. i know a patch came out just a few days ago so i hopped it would be fixed and does run better in areas with low population but everywhere else it is quite annoying to the eyes. so sadly till this gets fixed i still wont be able to play it as it sucks the joy out of it.(see what i did there? joy? ok.)
  11. Hi Every time I try to upgrade the work bench my x overheats and turns off going into safe mode. Tried the display in 1080 and still the problem persists. Is this a know problem and has anyone else had this issue?
  12. The game originally crashed curing the cutscene for “A Malpractice of Doctors”. Every time I try and load into my auto save for “A Malpractice of Doctors” the game proceeds to crash upon loading in. I’ve even gone back to an earlier manual save and that file experienced the same crash when I went back and had to replay the WHOLE mission. 6BE0692B-958C-45E1-A549-41CD2AD3FBBD.MOV
  13. I have been playing on my Xbox One S for a few days and the framerate is pretty garbage. Everytime I rotate on the X-Axis, it gets all meshed together and takes time to catch up. Why can't we have decent framerate?
  14. Okay I wanna start off by saying this is one of the greatest games I have played in a very long time. The story is amazing, the mechanics are amazing for the most part, but the one thing that is just horrendous about this game is all of the bugs. There are just too many to count. Now I am a completionist, and I couldn't stand how there are two quests that are unable to be finished, they just bug out whenever you try to complete them. Or when I'm trying to go for the achievement for not killing anyone and I smother someone in their sleep, it will spring them out of the bed and it will say I killed them. But the one thing that just infuriates me the most is the end of act 1; I would almost call it unplayable. To start with, on xbox if you run up the stairs for the building with the mission, "future perfect", the game crashes 99% of the time. Then I had to restart from a save that was an hour before entering the broadcast building because all of my missions were invisible. Also, the last 30 minutes of the game took me 3 hours because the game crashed at almost every loading screen. Once again, I love the game. I want to play through it again but not until these bugs are fixed.sorry for the rant and I hope you all have a lovely day.
  15. when playing one the older xbox one most of the game is really laggy the only point when it hits 30fps is when inside a building
  16. My game has been crashing semi-frequently, but recently it crashed right after completing the Possibly Heinous Package quest. When I re-loaded my save, I was shot back to the part of the quest where you're supposed to stash the body. Except the body is nowhere to be found. I looked in the wagon, in almost all parts of St George Holm and Maidenholm, etc. It wouldnt be a big deal really... But this is the last part of a three part quest that took a good chunk of time, and is also worth five skill points. Any way to fix this? (Playing on xbox/build v1.1.69578/St George Holm/uninstalled, reinstalled)
  17. Has happened 3 times now, my xbox one x actually shuts off, when I start it back up it says it overheated, never happened with any other game
  18. Xbox One Build version 1.1.69578 I had just exited Gemma Olsen's house, after completing the cutscene with the doctors and metal door. There was a Bobbie waiting on the side of her house already agro-ed (I was tresspassing, but how had he known I was there?) I tried to outwalk him, but passed a few more Bobbies and continued to accumulate Bobbies until I had about 6-9 (?) total on my tail. The game froze while the audio jittered like quickly repeating "dert-dert-dert-dert-dert-dert" for about 10-15 second (seemed longer as my heart sank and my patience wore thinner while trying to think of when the last save happened) before crashing.
  19. Are you going to fix the framerate on the X. Tanks at 20fps and lower. Not really fun to play
  20. I dont even know where to begin. pop-ins every 5 steps. texture breaks. quests are super buggy. it crashes all the time. frame rate is insulting. NPCs disappear when interacted with. they arent visually rendered properly. its really unplayable. physics are awful. screen tears left and right. this cost me 60? damn
  21. Game is wonderful but framerate makes it unplayable ( Xbox One X ) is no one check the game before release? how it is possible? I am very upset Compulsion games i don't play until this frame problem solved.
  22. I've got a total of 8hrs into the game and I've waited a very long time for this. Problem is, I'm getting constant crashes. I've rebooted my Xbox One console, done everything you can think of and it still crashes on me while running through a field, after loading a save, during a fight scene, etc and I lose all of my progress. What needs to be done to fix this?
  23. I have had my xbox one x since day one. It is the project scorpio edition. I play for 5 to 12 hours a day about 5 days out of the week. I've never had a problem with my xbox one x shutting down until I played We Happy Few. Every time I go to upgrade a workshop my xbox shuts down. When I go to boot it back up it says that my xbox overheated. I'll touch my xbox and its warm but not hot. Doesn't matter if I am playing the game for 5 minutes or 5 hours, it always shuts down my xbox when I go to upgrade a workshop. Anyone else having this problem?
  24. Bonjour, je voudrais signaler que le problème de la fréquence est présent sur Xbox One, Surtout quand sur vas en ville c'est quasiment injouable pour moi donc ça serait parfait une petite mise à jour régulie ça s'il vous plaît merci!
  25. I play on xbox and I purchased the pre order. The game crashed and didnt load properly so I reinstalled. The game starts now. However, every time I die the game freezes and crashes. It makes finishing areas take way longer. Please fix this issue.
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