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  1. This is my second week of FINALLY owning this game on PS4. It was a birthday present. I haven't been able to play for more than ten minutes at a time without the game crashing, and the blue screen of death appearing. I can no longer fast travel between hatches because that's a guarantee crash. So I have to walk to all locations... which was working for a few days. Now it crashes at random times; during main missions, side quests, and just walking down the street. This is INCREDIBLY frustrating as this game was $60, and I have been looking forward to playing for at least a year. This seems to be a wide spread issue. I'm to the point where I want to return the game. What is Compulsion Games doing to fix this????!?
  2. Hi my name is john and i really love your game and its story. Unfochantly the game does have a few bugs i would like to report. I was on ps4 with build v.1.3.70168 on it and the quests don't disapear once you complete them nor the dig spots. The game slows down then crashes after about 3 hours of play time each time i boot it up. And the final and last big problem i had is as i beat act 1 and was starting act 2, the game crashed and i lost all of my save data. (To be more specific it got corrupted and i was in the loading screen that begins act 2.) Anyway plz fix these bugs and I really do like your game but plz fix this.
  3. I've really been enjoying the game so far (on the PS4), but I've experienced several annoying bugs mainly involving the hatch quests. in some cases I pick up the hatch quest, but it's entirely blank and any interactions involving the quest do not appear. Makes the game quite frustrating when you can't actually use half of the shelters due to bugs. Also there have been a few times where the game has just crashed for no reason, but if I'm honest these moment have been few and far between. If there any solutions to the bugs in the game I would love some information. Thank you.
  4. Playing in the ps4 I had just finished Arthur’s chapter when my game crashed while loading sally’s chapter when I went to open the game again after the load screen when I hit x to begin a screen popped up that said corrupt data now it is only giving me the option to start a new game, all saved files gone. It was bad enough I usually couldn’t get though a play session without the game crashing once but now to have invest all this time and to have my files gone is very frustrating.
  5. After going through most of Arthur's story the game starts crashing when you start up the game and wont let you play again unless you start a new game or play on a save file where you havent gone as far in the game even after the fix update. I dont want to lose my progress.
  6. Is anyone else experiencing this problem: Loading in game, getting some character dialogue then game crash. This saved filed is in a science center (doesn't help) but once load dialogue is talking about someone going mad or is on bad joy. I've tried loading a older saved before my main saved game. And it's a 50/50 chance will load or same situation, if it loads I can play till the same location as the original saved game then game will crash. The console is up to date, and I've deleted the game and reinstalled it as well as the updates. (Video included if helps) VID_20180824_100926.mp4
  7. So i started the game two days ago and it gave me the prompt of an update. Build v1.370168. Is what is running right now but right after the update it said 1.3.6... (Cant remember the rest of the numbers) i was just wondering what is that update for? I noticed the begining music on the start menu changed. Im wondering what is it this update changing or adding to the game. I also noticed anytime the game starts acting like its going to crash instead of going to the blue screen error message it does a pause and it then continues which im excited about. Also since the update when it does crashed it saves the last progress so im left off in the same spot i was before and i dont lose my mission progress. Im very happy with it but i was wondering if there was more to the update? Thank you so much i know you guys are working really hard on this project and i want to express my gratitude. Hope you're all doing well.
  8. I play on ps4 Build v 1.3.70168 I finished act 1 as Arthur and despite the game crashing every few hours or so I pushed through and finally got to see the end scene of Arthur. After the cutscene ended the game said act 2 sally and crashed and my save was corrupted. After reading many forums I went into my PlayStation account and downloaded an old save from a few days earlier ( I got incredibly lucky ) I replayed 4 hours of missions and finally got back to apple holm and the game loaded into Act 2 I play 4 hours into sally and on day 5 in the game I get a story quest bug that is non fixable and requires me to restart the entire game. Please just allow everyone to start the game as the 3 characters I’ve read all kinds of these bugs that require people to restart why can’t we just restart as sally or the other guy in act 3. Don’t apologize either after you apologize to 11,000 people it doesn’t mean anything.
  9. Both my husband and I played through Act One on our PS4 and just as the game was loading Act Two:Sally, it crashed. When we restarted the game, it told us the data was corrupted and completely deleted all our save files. Anyone else having this problem? Seriously don't want to have to restart again only to have the game crash...
  10. I thought Bethesda was bad for buggy games. Playing on PS4 Already had one save become unplayable and had to start again. Numerous times Arthur has become “stuck” after climbing over a wall or fence and I have had to go to the main menu and reload. The Hive Mind quest is currently uncompletable (at least to me) on PS4 as it won’t allow me to get the honey. No prompt appears to gather it. Currently regretting the money I spent on this game. Triple A price for a game that thus far doesn’t even rank with a lot of indy games.
  11. Please add fixes on PS4. I literally can't play the game. It loads in and immediately crashes on two quest. The Arthur story quest where you have to rotate the cannon,and the sidequests where you have to get the package for the butcher.
  12. Hi, I'm so saddened by the state of this game on release. I had such high hopes for it and it's borderline unplayable. I've encountered a game breaking bug with the track access hatches, they are stuck on (secure area) regardless of what has been done in the safe house. I've done everything over and over and the power won't turn on and the hatches can't be activated. I really don't want to demand a full refund from you but I will have to if you can't make this up to us Playing on ps4 on the latest update.
  13. Je joue à We Happy Few sur la version originale de la PS4 la 500Go, à chaque partie je me déplace dans la carte et parfois des chargements survivre pour chargeur le décor et par la suite vient une erreur qui me fait quitter l'application et quand je charge ma dernière sauvegarde, l'erreur survit la fin du chargement (quand le jeu va apparaître à l'ecran) donc je ne peux pas charger la progression et en gros les erreurs survivre toutes les 30 minutes et j'avance dans la progression du jeu plus les erreurs sont frequentes, je vous prie de vous pencher sur ce probleme s'il vous plait car j'ai acheté la version deluxe a 80euros et je ne peux pas profiter de mon jeu, je suis déçu, j'ai regardé les communautés et quelques forums sur internet c 'est un problème général beaucoup de monde à la fois problème et donc sont comme moi de ne pas pouvoir jouer normalement à un jeu à un lieu de départ sur le droit des bugs et des pertes de données de progression 'est juste scandaleux je suis blasé
  14. Build details showing on screen is anyone else experiencing the build number appearing at the bottom right of the screen, this remains for the entire game. It also crashes ALOT. PS4 user.
  15. I have also run into an issue where the game will crash with extended play on PS4 and it happened often but I just booted it back up but this time it corrupted all my data with 15 hours of play. I'm trying to muster up going through it again but I don't want it crashing on me again and repeating the issue.
  16. Upon entering the parade district at night and triggering the "finding the hatch mission" (not spoiling) my game completely crashed and upon relaunch of the game my save was completely corrupted, all my hard work completing 100% up to this point is gone!
  17. I just finished Act 1 and then as soon as the camera pans away from Arthur the game crashes. When I opened the game again it said my save was corrupted and I can no longer access it. The only option is to start a new game. Is there no way to fix the corrupted save or am I just screwed and have to start over completely?
  18. Hallo nach dem rund 20. mal abstürzen hat ixh den 1. Akt dann mal fertig und der 2. krieg kurz davor anzufangen aber wie es der fall ist dann wird das gucken da ABGESTÜRZT danach wollt ich weiter machen und habe das spiel wieder mal neu gestartet. lief alles wie immer nur das mir die ps4 sagte DAS MEINE DATEN DEFEKT SIND ich hätte am liebsten die Konsole verkleinert habs dann aber gelassen und mich dafür entschieden hier eine Antwort zu bekommen also bitte liebe spielentwickler fixt das bitte weil dafür war mir das Geld echt zu schade für ein nicht fertiges spiel !!!!!
  19. PlayStation4 and the game keeps crashing for me it actually crashed so much that it deleted my game in progress
  20. I was playing on ps4 today and i was about to finish Arthurs story but the gane crashed when i loaded my game up it said my data was corrupted and all my save files were gone
  21. Hello, Upon entering the village for the first time my frame rate dropped when getting close to the hatch, then the game completely blue screen crashed (the 3rd time in my play-through so far). When re-loading the game, I received a prompt that my save file was corrupted, the save file was then removed leaving me with zero progress after many hours of playing. Very frustrating and disappointing.
  22. Anytime I go into a new zone or complete a few mission the game will crash. This continually happened.
  23. This game has been nothing but bugs since I started playing ... it consistently crashes, the padded suit does not protect me from bees, I am unable to craft a boiler suit or rubber cat suit and I have no idea how to progress the main story quests past maidenholm ... I’ve already restarted the play through and I keep experiencing the same and if not even more bugs as I play through ... I waited so long for this game and all Ive received is disappointment and frustration! Please help!
  24. I was half way through the game at the part where you have to make the blackberry joy and answer the door when the game froze and crashed after I loaded it back up it said delete corrupt dater and I did and now I have to start from the beginning again, it’s frustrating I’m on PS4
  25. Firstly - I'm so happy that you managed to get the game out earlier than expected. I was gutted when I heard about the initial delay. But when Amazon told me I'd be getting it on August 10th I was beyond ecstatic. I've been waiting for this release since the initial trailer and I'm so grateful it's finally here. It's wonderful to see such an active small indie development team take on such a huge project and make it a thoroughly enjoyable experience. However, there are some issues that I believe need addressing soon. Since installing and running the game on my original PS4 console (not PS4 Pro) I have encountered numerous glitches and bugs that have been really frustrating as they've harmed an otherwise incredible experience. These are the issues that I recall having in my first 4-5 hours of playtime. 1) The introductory cinematic runs at an extremely low frame-rate and the load times are incredibly slow too (however I understand the CPU must be working hard to generate every asset). 2) The first quest I found had severe audio issues and I was forced to skip the cutscene and guess how to best go about with the objective due to a lack of info. I believe this was just before entering the brawl arena before the first bridge. 3) General slowdown during gameplay and input irregularities with combat. 4) Enemies seem to occasionally see me through walls where I should hypothetically be undetected (though this only happened once). 5) Whilst infiltrating the camp with Ollie to shut down the power I somehow got stuck inside a wooden structure. I don't know if that's a clipping issue or maybe I just did something I wasn't supposed to but I was trapped and as a result, I was caught and killed. As far as I'm aware a large patch was made available on PC which seems to have fixed some bugs, many of which I most likely haven't encountered yet, and I am grateful you are doing your best to deal with these issues. I hope that there will be a patch soon to aid how the game runs as I struggle to get above 20fps consistently and it hurts as a customer to battle through these issues while I'm playing. However, I have my faith in you. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards, Nara.
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